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Felt Flowers How-To

Follow these easy DIY directions to create a bouquet of colorful felt flowers.

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Felt Flowers

These beautiful felt flowers add color to your home no matter what the season. They make stunning arrangements, wreaths and decorations and they can be made in any color you like so you can match the decor or your mood perfectly!

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Assemble your Supplies

To make your felt flowers you will need a variety of colored felt. You can buy a wide range of colors, or dye your own using wool dye. You'll also need a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun, fabric glue or needle and thread. Using glue will be faster and easier, but using a needle and thread will make your flowers a little more sturdy in the long run.

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Basic Flower Shapes

The simplest felt flowers are made by arranging petal shapes in a circle. You can make daisies, poinsettias, dandelions and many more this way. Simply choose a petal shape, rounded or pointy, narrow or wide, and cut it out in a variety of sizes. You want some of your petals to be long and some to be short.

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Daisy Petals

To arrange your daisies, simply pile the petals in a circle with the longest on the bottom and the shortest on the top. Glue or stitch together and finish with a bright center.

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