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24 DIY Pallet Projects

There are lots of clever, crafty ways to put old pallets to good use. These pallet ideas are sure to inspire you. Get the tutorials you need to creatively repurpose pallets around the home and in your garden.

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions. From: Brian Patrick Flynn.

How to Prep Wood Pallets for DIY Projects

Pallet wood is a popular choice for crafters and builders because it’s free, but using it can come with some disadvantages. It’s usually impossible to know how a pallet was used. Pallets can be treated with chemicals or retain mold and bacteria based on how they were stored. If you’re planning on trying a new pallet project that will be used indoors, be highly selective with your materials. Scrubbing the wood with bleach or soapy water can help clean the surface, and a pressure washer will help with a deeper clean.

Taking a pallet apart is one of the most time-consuming challenges of any pallet project. If a crowbar or the claw end of a hammer won’t do, use a reciprocating saw to cut through the nails. Pallets are rough wood, and a palm sander can eliminate many splinters. Crafters looking to recycle a pallet with precision may also use a planer to create smooth, even planks.

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Photo: Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Build a Children’s Playhouse

If you have children, this pallet idea is sure to pique your interest. A pallet floor and surrounding walls are used to frame a small playhouse for kids. The structure itself is taken to the next level with the addition of small windows and a roofline draped with white canvas. Customize it to match your personality by hanging curtains made of outdoor fabric, setting potted succulents along the windows or hanging wind chimes from the roof. The possibilities for customizing a pallet playhouse are endless, and the cuteness? Overwhelming.

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Photo: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Create Colorful Planters

Looking for pallet ideas for the garden or patio? Plain wooden pallets can easily be upcycled to create a custom planter box. Stain the wood if you’d like or use a variety of paints to customize it to coordinate with other outdoor decor. Built with heavy-duty casters, these colorful planter boxes easily relocate for convenience and will last for years to come.

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions

Build a Contemporary Doghouse

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn repurposed a pallet as the base of this modern doghouse. Pressure-treated boards stained dark brown and a rooftop garden set this outdoor structure apart from the rest. Made more durable with deck screws, weatherproofing sealant, exterior-grade silicone and scrap sheet metal, not only will the structure keep the dog comfortable during the day, but it’ll also hold up to the elements.

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