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How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

By: Heather Patterson and Vanessa Hunt

Kids and adults alike will love transforming piles of tissue paper into beautiful, no-maintenance flowers.

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Year-Round Blooms

Enjoy springtime any time with paper flowers. This easy, kid-friendly project uses tissue paper, a material you might already have around the house. Unlike real flowers, paper flowers need no maintenance or gardening knowledge, and look great for years to come. Plus, they're just plain fun to make.

Use these sumptuous paper peonies, asters and mums as a centerpiece your kitchen table, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day bouquets or even as beautiful, budget wedding decorations.

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Tissue Paper Flower Supplies

For this project you will need: tissue paper in assorted colors/green pipe cleaners to make stems/scissors/and a measuring tape or ruler.

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Measure and Cut Tissue Paper

Layer 4-6 sheets of bottom color and 2-3 layers of top color and cut into a square. Tissue paper should be between 10-13 inches squares, depending on the type of flower you are creating.

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Choose Color Combination

Choose the colors desired to create your flower. You will want to have an inner and outer color reflecting what you see in nature. Make sure that tissue squares are stacked neatly and even.

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