10 Cleaning Tips for Millennials That Mom Forgot to Mention

Use these essential cleaning tips to impress your parents with how spotless your space is next time they drop by.

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Keep the Coffee Coming

Even though it may feel like you can't get to the coffee soon enough in the morning, beware. The water tank of single-serve coffee makers could become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria if it's not cleaned properly. Try running vinegar through it periodically to remove any buildup that could be hiding inside.

Dispose of Stinky Sink Smells

That stinky sink could be the result of a dirty garbage disposal. But don't worry — cleaning it out isn't as difficult as you may think. You can purchase cleaning pods and liquids to stick down the drain, or you can make your own using products you probably already have in the pantry (like white vinegar). Add a little lemon or orange zest, and turn the disposal on for an extra clean smell.

Leave the Lint Behind

You may never look behind your dryer, but there could be major trouble lurking in the shadows. Lint catchers don't remove everything so some get left behind in the vent. Forgetting to clean it could be a fire hazard. It's important to get behind your dryer every few months to clean all the lint from the area and especially inside the vent. Also, don't forget to clean the lint screen before every load.

Freshen Up the Mattress

You probably remember to wash your sheets, but don't forget the mattress. Use a vacuum and baking soda to get rid of any odor, and remember to flip the whole thing over at least once a year. Read this guide for how to clean every single thing on your bed, including the mattress.

Under Those Appliances

The spaces in and around your refrigerator and oven are magnets for tiny food particles. Carefully move the appliances periodically to give the sides and floor below a good scrubbing.

Air Out The Windows

Moisture, mold and dirt can accumulate inside the panes of a window. Take time to air them out and scrub them down. If you spot any black mold on the inside, it may be time to contact a professional to be sure it hasn't spread inside the walls. If you're resolving the issue on your own, follow this guide to make sure you're getting rid of the stuff for good without endangering your health.

Wash the Washer

Old food can get built up inside your dishwasher and even lead to clogs down the road. An unexpected tip involves putting Kool-Aid mix into the soap dispenser. Use this handy guide for a walk-through on how to get it spotless.

Give the Fan a Rest

If your ceiling fan stays on most of the time, you may not be aware of all the dust that's accumulating on the blades. Give your fan a break, and use a microfiber cloth to get rid of built-up dust.

Dust That Dusty TV

Electronics create static, which attracts dust like a magnet. Don't forget to check behind the entertainment center. Use an extender on the vacuum to avoid moving heavy furniture.

Toss Out the Trash

Chances are your kitchen trash can gets filled with old food and other gross stuff. After you clean the kitchen and take out the trash, give the can a wash, too. It can hold on to smelly garbage scents and wreak havoc in your kitchen. Also, give the walls near the trash area a good wipe-down to get rid of germs.

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