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Remodeling a Charming Ranch to Improve Accessibility

March 01, 2020

Jeff Holtzclaw, a respected teacher in his hometown of Covina, California has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students. After an accident left him disabled with a painful prosthetic leg, the family's home quickly became a space that was too difficult for him to navigate. His community rallied, and beautifully remodeled the Holtzclaw's ranch house to be ADA-compliant.

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Meet the Holtzclaw Family

Following a life-threatening motorcycle accident, Jeff Holtzclaw's life and family's future changed forever. To give back to this Gold Star-awarded teacher and to make his home comfortable for him once again, the Extreme Makeover team and volunteers from the Covina, CA, community come together to renovate the Holtzclaw home. With special emphasis given to making every room ADA-compliant to improve its overall accessibility for Jeff, the team was able to present the family a home that's guaranteed to make their lives easier. Shown here, Jeff is joined by his wife, Emily, and their daughters Emma, Lily and Jadyn in front of their home before its makeover.

The five-day renovation improves every aspect of this house; see this charming ranch get transformed.

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The Team

During the five-day renovation, the design team is joined by special guests David Bromstad of HGTV's My Lottery Dream Home and Grammy award-winning singer, Leann Rimes. Both guests participate, working closely with the design team to incorporate their own special features to the new home. David and Leann are shown here alongside host Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and the design team of Darren Keefe, Breegan Jane and Carrie Locklyn.

meet the designers

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The Surprise

The Extreme Home team is welcomed to Covina, CA, with a marching band tribute at the local school's football field. Hundreds of volunteers — friends, family, students and teachers — arrive to show their support for the Holtzclaw family. The design team and volunteers march to surprise the Holtzclaw family at their home. This huge crowd is excited to give back to the family and surprise them with a renovated home.

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The Demolition

The Extreme Makeover team gets to work demolishing the interior walls of the existing home. By opening things up, they're able to identify and mediate damage, expose an open floorplan and make adaptations so that the home is more serviceable for Jeff, who navigates with his prosthetic, with the help of a walker or in his wheelchair.

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