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February 12, 2020
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Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Photo By: Casey Durkin

Meet the Mosley Family

Still grieving loss while celebrating new opportunities, the Mosley family from Bakersfield, California is moved to tears upon seeing their new home. Jessica Mosley is the mother of five children.

The Mosley's Home, Before

It was shortly after Jessica Mosley adopted three siblings that she suffered the sudden and unexpected loss of her father. Her loss escalated when the VA loan he obtained to help the family purchase their home was unable to transfer to Jessica's name. She and her children moved back to live with her mom, Pam, and had to learn how to co-exist in a 1,415 square foot home in Kern County, California.

Marching to Visit the Family

The Kern County community joined together to help the Mosley family. Host Jesse Tyler Ferguson leads the charge, joined by designers Darren Keefe, Carrie Locklyn, and Breegan Jane, local builder John Balfanz Homes and hundreds of volunteers who committed to helping during the 5-day build in Bakersfield, California.

MEET THE DESIGNERS: Meet The New ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ Design Team


Upon surprising the family at their home, host Jesse Tyler Ferguson greets and welcomes the Mosley Family. The family is overjoyed and excited by the number of volunteers and designers who arrived to show their support.

MEET THE HOST: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Will Host the New Season of ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’!

Get Ready for Demo

After the home is cleared out on Day 1, host Jesse Tyler Ferguson gets ready for demolition by marking walls that the excavators will target.

Darren's Ready for This

Designer Darren Keefe gets ready for demolition at the Mosley's old home.

Leveling the Mosley's Home

Dual excavators are put to work, simultaneously working to knock down and clear out the Mosley's old home. Builder Greg Balfanz of John Balfanz homes and host Jesse Tyler Ferguson supervise as the demo takes place on Day 1.

Volunteers Bring the Cheer

Carrie Locklyn brings enthusiasm to the build at the construction site. Hundreds of volunteers from Kern County showed up to help give back to the Mosley family.

The Design Team Collaborates

The designers take time to review plans with groups of volunteers. Being coordinated and understanding the architectural and design needs makes it possible for a new home to be built in only five days.

Secret, Custom Projects for the Family

Breegan Jane works on a special design project for Jessica Mosley and her mom, Pam. She wants to give them a relaxing outdoor space that they can each enjoy.

A Memorable Outdoor Retreat

Still in progress, Breegan Jane's hanging daybeds will bring extra lounge space for the Mosley family in their new backyard.

The Special Guest Arrives!

Special guest Chef Tyler Florence of the Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race joins the Extreme Makeover team to help design and build the Mosley family's new kitchen.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Get Excited: There Are Amazing Guest Stars Coming to 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'

A Double Take for Double Islands

Designer Breegan Jane and special guest Chef Tyler Florence collaborated to create a special kitchen for the Mosley family. The family often cooks for the community to give back, so the duo looked to create a commercial-style kitchen in the residential home. Not only would it give them more space, but it would be outfitted with smart technology to help them efficiently work.

Community Appreciation

During construction, the Mosley family had an opportunity to speak with the community and share their gratitude. Volunteers also shared their stories of appreciation, and offered emotional support to the family who continues to heal after the loss of their patriarch.

Move That Bus!

At the end of the 5-day build, the Extreme Makeover bus brings the Mosley family back home. Host Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the team of designers, and a huge crowd of neighbors, volunteers and well-wishers cheer as the family sees their new house for the first time.

The First Peek

The Mosley children are the first to enter their new home, immediately expressing emotion and joy for this new space where their family can finally settle.

A Space for the Teens

The team surprises the Mosley family by designing the entire upstairs floor as a suite for the five children. At last, each of the kids has their own space to sleep, store belongings and grow. A special lounge area joins the bedrooms to give the siblings a space to establish more independence.

A Boutique-Like Closet

The walk-in closet that Carrie Locklyn designed for the four sisters radiates good energy. Bright colors and space-efficient storage details make the room feel more like a cozy boutique.

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