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Remodeling an Authentically Midcentury Home

March 08, 2020

A midcentury home in Los Angeles, California, is restored for the Washington family as patriarch and community advocate Thom conquers stage 4 cancer.

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Meet the Washington Family

One year after Thom Washington was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, he stands cancer-free alongside his wife, Stephanie, her sister Terri (Henderson) and his daughter, Kennedi. The Washington family runs Engage the Vision, a mentorship program in their Los Angeles community that gives back to at-risk youth and those in need of help. The Extreme Makeover team of Darren Keefe, Carrie Locklyn, Breegan Jane and host Jesse Tyler Ferguson worked together to help the family start fresh, so they can continue to provide for each other and for the community that they love.

The five-day renovation completely transformed this house; see the home's incredible midcentury makeover now.

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The Washington Home, Before

The family inherited Stephanie and Terri's childhood home after their parents passed away. Though they always had plans to repair termite damage, replace the roof and update the interior, Thom's ongoing medical treatment costs put a strain on the family's budget. The team makes a plan to help the family honor the good memories from their old home while bringing it back to life.

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The Washington Home, After

The Washingtons' 1,600-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is renovated inside and out. Its restoration embraces the home's original midcentury style and brings it back to life. The team replaced the driveway, provided a complete landscaping overhaul and enhanced the exterior of the home with fresh paint and natural wood accents.

meet the designers

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Curb Appeal, Before

A home's curb appeal often relies on the scale and quality of the landscaping, and the bushes surrounding the Washingtons' old home disguised it and also prevented natural light from entering through the windows. The grass was dried out and overgrown with weeds.

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