Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, All in the Mosley Family

After a series of personal losses, Jennifer Mosley and her family are given a chance to heal and start fresh. It's hard to believe that the 5-day build of this new California Spanish home included a complete demolition; it wouldn't have happened without the support of the Kern County, California community.

February 16, 2020

Meet the Mosley Family

After a series of personal losses, Jessica Mosley and her family are given a chance to heal and start fresh. Shown above with her mom and five children, left to right: Annie, Miguel, Jessica, Makynzie, Pam (Chapin), Jordan, and Cheyenne.

It's hard to believe that the 5-day build of this new California Spanish home included a complete demolition; see the home's incredible transformation.

The Mosley Home, Before

Shortly after adopting three of her children, Jessica's father's sudden and unexpected death rattled the new family. When the VA loan obtained to help the family purchase their home was unable to transfer to Jessica's name, she and her children moved back to live with her mom, Pam. The 3 bedroom/1.5 bathroom home built in 1962 required the family of seven to adapt and co-exist in a 1,415 square foot space with just one shower.

The Team

The Kern County community showed up in droves to help the Mosley family. Host Jesse Tyler Ferguson leads the charge, heading to surprise the family at their home. He's joined by designers Darren Keefe, Carrie Locklyn, and Breegan Jane, local builder John Balfanz Homes, and hundreds of volunteers who committed to helping during the 5-day build in Bakersfield.

MEET THE DESIGNERS: Meet The New ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ Design Team

The Demolition

Once emptied, twin excavators – lovingly named Carol and Patricia – demolish the Mosley family's old house. Builder Greg Balfanz of John Balfanz Homes and host Jesse Tyler Ferguson supervise on Day 1 as the team takes necessary steps to double the size of this home. After clearing the debris, the construction crew pours the new foundation, and resurfaces the backyard swimming pool.

The Volunteers

Designer Carrie Locklyn shares architectural drawings with the volunteers throughout the process. Having a comprehensive plan and a dedicated team makes it possible to give the Mosley family a new home in less than a week.

The Build

Hundreds of volunteers including a number of the Mosley family's closest acquaintances, and host Jesse Tyler Ferguson, helped build walls, paint, and move furnishings to make it possible for the project to take only 5 days from demo to "move that bus!" The new home was built quickly, with much attention to the needs of the seven people who will call it home.

Move That Bus!

At the end of the 5-day build, the Extreme Makeover bus brings the Mosley family back home. Host Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the team of designers, and a huge crowd of neighbors, volunteers and well-wishers cheer as the family sees their new house for the first time.

The Mosley Home, After

In their former 1,415 square foot home, the Mosley family bunked 2 or 3 to a room. The new 3,200 square foot 5-bedroom California Spanish-inspired home offers each Mosley family member their own bed and personal space. All five children share the upstairs floor, while Jessica and Pam have their own retreats on the main level of the home. The exterior design is inspired by the local California desert, which includes drought-resistant landscaping, white stucco to maximize cooling, and multiple sets of green antique-styled French doors to add character.

The Entryway, Before

Set between the dining room and the kitchen, a doorway to the garage served as an informal entry. It also served as a shortcut to the family's washer and dryer.

The Entryway, After

The Mosley family's new front entryway is a welcoming spot to greet friends and family.

The Kitchen, Before

The Mosley family valued the kitchen of their old home, but with one stove and a small island, it didn't offer much space. While they were still able to make use of their old kitchen (and even prepared meals for those in need in their community at Thanksgiving), they were deserving of a bigger workspace where they could spend time together, and give back even more.

The Kitchen, After

The Mosleys' California Spanish inspired kitchen features double islands – one for prep, and one to serve as a buffet on family dinner nights. It offers the family extra space when they cook to give back to the community. The expansive kitchen is outfitted with state-of-the-art smart appliances, a white apron sink, pot filler, and brass pendants. A built-in china cabinet keeps dinnerware organized. Extra seating is incorporated along the left wall, and stools can also be accommodated at one of the islands.

Dining Room, Before

The former living room, kitchen and dining room were cramped together in the old home. Seating and prep space were very limited for the Mosley family, and they needed a less crowded space in their new home.

Dining Room, After

The design team retained the idea of keeping the kitchen and dining area open to one another, but gave the Mosley family much more space to move around. A modern chandelier and woven chairs accent a table large enough to seat the whole family. Large windows and a door to the backyard add extra light into this already bright California Spanish-inspired home.

Living Room, Before

Seating came at a premium in the small living room of the Mosley family's old home. Though cozy, with five kids and two adults, there wasn't much space to spread out.

Living Room, After

It was important for designer Breegan Jane that the Mosley family had plenty of seating for themselves, and extra room for guests. The new living room features upscale finishes including leather and velvet sofas, and textures galore from floor to ceiling. Built-in shelves and a window bench add space for the family's collections, and offer adaptable seating for everyone.

A Secondary Living Room, The Teen Canteen

The family's living room space doesn't stop downstairs; the upstairs of the house is designed just for the kids. The five children have bedrooms upstairs with a central loft area, referred to as the Teen Canteen. Accented with bright colors, fun finishes, and comfortable seating, this living room for "the teens" will help give the whole family space to spread out throughout the home.

A Secondary Living Room, The Teen Canteen

In addition to being a cozy seating area, the upstairs living room for the kids doubles as a quiet study space. A large table offers a place they can spread out to do homework and projects.

Jessica and Pam's Bedroom, Before

Space was very limited in the old house, so Jessica Mosley and her mom Pam shared a room, bed, and closet. Both women were greatly in need of more space, both for their belongings, and for themselves. Following the loss of Jessica's father (Pam's husband), the daughter and mother both deserved calm spaces where they could reflect and heal.

Jessica's Bedroom, After

Jessica Mosley's new boho-inspired master bedroom is a tranquil, comfortable space where this mother of five can relax, unwind, and continue to get her life back. Included in the space are special built-in shelves where she can continue to display her dad's memories and special items.

Pam's Bedroom, After

Deserving of having a place for herself once again, Jessica's mom Pam received a private retreat on the home's first floor. Following the loss of her husband, Pam welcomed her daughter and five grandchildren into her home, sacrificing her own space while she mourned. Her new bedroom is bright, full of memories, and decorated beautifully to provide a calm, comfortable retreat.

Miguel and Cheyenne's Bedroom, Before

In the Mosley's old home, the children were divided with three teen girls in one room (with one closet), while brother and sister Miguel and Cheyenne shared the third bedroom in the house. Despite being close friends and making the most of their limited space, all were eager to have space that they could call their own.

Cheyenne and Makynzie's Bedroom, After

Custom room dividers made it possible for the design team to divide bedroom space and create personalized areas for each of the Mosley children. In the room shared by Cheyenne and Makynzie, designer Carrie Locklyn contributed a special project: a space-saving wall unit to add functional storage for both girls. Though not entirely separate, the two close-knit sisters will be able to grow in their new room.

Annie and Jordan's Bedroom, After

Similarly to the bedroom designed fo Cheyenne and Makynzie, another large bedroom was split in two with a room divider. The space custom-designed for Annie and Jordan will allow the girls to strengthen their bond and continue to grow together.

Miguel's Bedroom, After

As the only man in the house, Miguel was deserving of his own bedroom. He previously shared a bed and closet with one of his sisters, so defining what Miguel's new, masculine space needed to look like was at the top of designer Darren Keefe's list.

Miguel's Bedroom, After

Designer Darren Keefe's special project was a custom welded entertainment center, built to have plenty of storage for special keepsakes from Miguel's grandpa. Host Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Darren completed this project together in order to give Miguel a space that he could make his own.

The Family's Bathroom, Before

Adjacent to Jessica and Pamela's shared bedroom was the home's only full bathroom. It was shared by the entire family. Everyone in the home was inconvenienced by the limited space, and they all needed more space for self-care.

The Family's Bathroom, After

Both Jessica and her mom Pam received their own master bathroom adjacent to their respective bedrooms. Whereas bathroom privacy was limited in their old house, each of the women will feel like they're at the spa with spacious floorplans, large walk-in showers, and calming finishes.

The Family's Bathroom, After

Upstairs, the design team treated the four daughters to a large, shared bathroom. Three side-by-side sinks outfitted with statement faucets and a pink ceramic wall tile were used to create a fun-yet-mature space for the sisters.

Closet Space, Before

Shared closet space made storage and organization difficult in the Mosley's old home. Their new home allows enough closet and storage space for everyone, and pretty magnificent storage, at that.

Closet Space, After

While the girl's bathroom is a show-stopper in its own right, just around the corner, a large walk-in closet serves as a space for each of Jessica's daughters to display and store their wardrobe. Accessible to all of the girls, convenience and functionality were at the core of this design decision.

Closet Space, After

The girls' walk-in closet feels more like a boutique than functional storage, and it certainly is an upgrade from the shared closet space they had in their old house. The closet is divided up to display everyone's wardrobe, and beautifully designed, making it a space where they can sit and relax.

The Laundry Room, Before

In the Mosley's old house, the laundry was located in the garage. Space was limited for detergents and baskets, and the family was running several loads of laundry a day. Any family of seven would really benefit from having a dedicated, clean area to manage a high-volume of laundry, so that's exactly what the design team set out to deliver.

The Laundry Room, After

A home with five kids wouldn't be complete without a spacious laundry room! The room is complete with a smart washer and dryer, but also features a farmhouse sink for convenience, and plenty of storage for the family.

The Backyard, Before

The Mosley's old backyard already had a large pool and space to play, but it was due for improvements. During the 5-day makeover, the team made functional upgrades to the backyard, and improved the design of the overall environment.

The Backyard, After

The updated backyard provides an outdoor gathering space for the whole family. The pool itself was resurfaced for longevity, the lawn was repaired, and new lounge areas with seating were added to make the space liveable. Drought-resistant landscaping around the pool adds a natural touch to this backyard oasis.

The Backyard, After

Breegan Jane wanted to design a special lounge area for Jessica and Pam to enjoy. This set of hanging daybeds offers a comfortable, relaxing space in a shaded area off the back of the house. While the beds themselves were built custom, they were designed to incorporate antique door backs, and were outfitted with outdoor cushions for comfort.

The Backyard, After

While the backside of the house features a wall of sliding glass doors to extend the living area to the backyard, the design team also made a relaxing space for Jessica and Pam. A courtyard, accessible from each of their bedrooms, incorporates an outdoor water feature, fire pit, and is decorated in the distinguished California Spanish style.

The Backyard, After

Finally, the design team created an outdoor dining area for this California family to enjoy year-round. After seeing the house for the first time, they were treated to a gourmet dinner by Chef Tyler Florence from Food Network.

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