Building a Brand-New Rustic Mountain Oasis

Following the sudden loss of his wife, Clovis, California, firefighter Nick Reeder is gifted a fresh start to bring stability and comfort to his life. The Extreme Makeover team customizes a new retreat for this doting father and his family.

March 09, 2020

Meet the Reeder Family

Nick Reeder is given a new beginning, thanks to the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team, his CalFire brotherhood and the extended firefighter support network. During the birth of their twins, his wife suffered a fatal complication, leaving the new father to raise his infant daughters, Kaia and Kelce, as well as their big sister, Layla, as a single parent. His mom, Jeanine, moved in to help, and in order to make due, the family downsized into a 900-square foot, two-bedroom apartment. Having sacrificed privacy and space for affordability while they grieved, the family of five receives a new comfortable home that honors their past, and evokes happiness for the future.

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The New, Rustic Retreat

The Reeders’ new home is the first in a new neighborhood. The 2,400-square foot house was built as a zero-energy home with Tesla solar shingles and added insulation systems to fend off the California heat. During the build, temperatures soared over 100-degrees, emphasizing the importance of the efficiency systems that would make it comfortable for the family. The rustic wood siding and new landscaping with large boulders add style and personality, while the white roses were planted to honor Nick's late wife, Amanda.

The Entryway

An expansive entryway greets you in the home. Lined with rustic shiplap and hardwood floors, the home is cozy, comfortable and instantly livable. Storage in the hallway offers practicality for the family, and wall sconces add ambiance along the hallway.

The Hallway

The entryway extends down a warm, softly lit hallway that opens directly into the living room, revealing the heart of the home. The design team focused on incorporating rustic elements from floor to ceiling, and when you stop to peer down the hall, you can get a taste for it all. Warm leather upholstery, rustic box beams and the stone fireplace draw you right in.

The Living Room

The living room's rustic lodge design is both masculine and rich for Nick, but comfortable and cozy for the girls in his life. The leather couch is surrounded by wood furnishings, and soft pillows and poufs. Custom-built hollow box beams built and installed by special guest Jasmine Roth from HGTV's Hidden Potential and Rock the Block add a natural touch to this new, modern rustic home.

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The Living Room

The fireplace, finished from floor-to-ceiling with smooth river rock, is a focal point in the Reeder family's new living room. A rustic mantel was built to coordinate with the box beams that run along the ceiling, and a bright painting of nature perfectly accents the room. Two sets of French doors flank the fireplace, and extend the living room onto the patio and into the backyard that features a pool and playground.

The Living Room

The living room is situated adjacent to the kitchen, so it's easier for the family to spend quality time together. "It feels like a vacation home," Nick says at the reveal, and he's right. The finishes of this rustic dream home are cohesive throughout, and you might just be fooled into forgetting that you're not at a luxury lodge at the base of a mountain.

The Kitchen

Cooking and housekeeping are important in firehouse culture. After showing the design team how little space he had in his apartment kitchen, Nick suggested that in the new house, he would really like a space big enough to cook for his family, and his extended firehouse family. The team delivered by building a huge dream kitchen with two sinks, plenty of countertop space and a giant custom dining table that can easily double as a kitchen island.

The Kitchen

In their former apartment, there wasn't enough space for the family to sit together, so designer Darren Keefe built a custom dining table with seating for 12. The table also includes hidden storage, so that Nick's young girls can participate with chores, as that shared experience is important to Nick due to his fireman training. Washable slipcovers adorn each chair, and large pendants light the space. The kitchen is also outfitted with side-by-side refrigerators for extra storage that's useful when it comes to hosting large gatherings.

The Custom Dining Room Table

To further customize the new home and add significance to the family, Darren's custom tabletop features a laser engraved emblem at the head of the table. This detail represents Nick's dedication to the Clovis, California, community, and honors both his late wife, and their daughters, with integrated rose accents.

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Nick's Master Bedroom

Reclaimed wood shiplap was used to define a feature wall in Nick’s new master bedroom. Light accents, like white paint, light linens and long white curtains, help the room feel bright and relaxing, but masculine. After a year of sharing his room with one of his daughters, the team sought to give him a comfortable retreat that he could call his own.

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Nick's Master Bedroom

Double doors open from the master suite offering access to the backyard. An abundance of windows overlooking the patio and the side of the house offer lots of natural daylight, and help to make the room feel like a rustic oasis.

Nick's Master Bedroom

Nick's bedroom features lots of masculine accents, including thoughtful pendants that flank each side of the bed, and dark wood side tables. The dark gray padded headboard is a welcomed contrast to the rustic shiplap wall, and soft, white curtains.

Nick's Master Bathroom

Dark hunter green tile, a black countertop and a large vanity are main focal points in Nick's new ensuite bathroom. A double concrete sink with double faucets anchor the large round mirror that's suspended by rope in front of the bathroom window. A walk-in shower with glass door offers a generous space for Nick to unwind after a long shift at the firehouse.

The Laundry Room

Through Nick's master bathroom, the team created a shortcut to the family's playroom. Between the bathroom and the playroom, they incorporated a laundry room with sinks to make the most of the floorplan and add function.

The Laundry Room

The laundry room is outfitted with storage and modern appliances, so that it's convenient for the whole family to participate in the laundry routine. Black walls and rich wood floors are used to extend the rustic theme into this windowless room of the home.

The Playroom

The design team created a playroom for Nick's three girls to have additional storage and room to play. With accessible shelving for toys and lots of toddler-sized furnishings and activities, this room will be their main attraction for many years to come. Designer Breegan Jane created a shadow box collage of photos and mementos that belonged to the girls' mom, and displayed it in her honor as a way to always remember her. Nick's one-year-old twins share a bedroom for now, but this space could easily be converted into one of their bedrooms, or a guest bedroom, as they grow up.

Layla's Bedroom

Nick's oldest daughter, Layla, previously shared a bedroom with him in their old apartment. Her new bedroom was customized just for her, complete with a canopy bed, small desk and rose wallpaper. The room is feminine and happy, and a perfect atmosphere for a young girl to grow up.

Layla's Bedroom

Ombre drawers, florals and lots of pink accents adorn Layla's new "big girl" room. As the big sister in the house, she now has a place away from her younger twin sisters that she can enjoy as her own.

Kaia and Kelce's Bedroom

The bedroom designed for Nick's one-year-old twin daughters offers playful touches, soft furnishings and two cribs that convert into toddler beds. In the previous apartment, the twins shared a bedroom with their grandma, but this is the first space they'll know as their own. Soft purple walls and a playful wallpaper accent wall outfitted with soft stuffed animal details allow this place to be a comfortable place for the girls to live and grow.

Kaia and Kelce's Bedroom

Long curtains add a certain richness to the toddler's bedroom, and soft area rugs make it an easy place for them to play together as they grow up. Eventually, they may want to separate into their own spaces, such as into the room currently used as the family's playroom, but for now, this is the perfect space for Nick's one-year-old daughters.

The Girls' Bathroom

A shared bathroom designed for use by the three Reeder girls features white cabinetry and marble finishes. This bathroom, unlike the others in the home, includes a bathtub for ease of bathing the young kids.

Jeanine's Master Bedroom

Nick's mom, Jeanine, assumed a lot of the household responsibilities after Nick's wife passed away; she also shared her bedroom with the twins, so there wasn't much space to call her own. The team wanted to show their respect for what she's given to the family by offering her a haven in which she could recharge after her daily duties. Caring for three small girls is no easy task, and Nick suggested that her space should make her feel as though she was visiting a spa. Her grandmother's suite features a rich wrought-iron canopy bed, plush seating and cozy accessories. The space is naturally bright, and will be an easy place for this doting grandma to relax.

Jeanine's Master Bathroom

Jeanine's master bathroom has many of the same finishes as the bathroom used by the young girls. In addition to the white vanity, large mirror and functional sconces, it includes a marble-tiled spacious standing shower, and other spa-like accents.

The Garage and Home Gym

The design team transformed the garage into a space that Nick could claim for himself. Outfitted with gym equipment, comfortable seating and memorabilia to honor his service to the community, the garage is a true man cave. Whether he's working out close to home in order to be near his girls, or entertaining his friends and fellow firemen, this extension of the home is just another space in which Nick can continue to heal after the loss of his wife.

The Backyard

Nick's new backyard is the perfect place to play with his kids, and entertain his friends. The new fiberglass pool can be freshwater or saltwater, and was outfitted with a high-end automatic pool cover to keep his young daughters safe. More rose bushes are included in the landscaping, and at the end of the yard, a custom firehouse playset promises years of fun for the Reeder girls.

The Backyard

A patio area in the backyard is accessible from two sets of French doors leading off the back of the living room. The dual fireplace makes it possible to extend the ambiance of the indoors to the outdoors, and rustic seating promises to make this patio a relaxing place for the family to spend time together.

The Outdoor Kitchen

With much emphasis given to cooking in a firehouse lifestyle, the team also gave Nick and his family a built-in outdoor kitchen so that they could entertain and spend time together cooking whether they were indoors or out. The outdoor sink, mini-fridge, smoker and outdoor oven offer the family who loves to cook many different options for preparing special meals.

The Playset

Inspired by his career, the design team created a custom two-story firehouse playhouse that the Reeder girls could enjoy. Small Adirondack chairs, an enclosed slide, a firehouse bell and an emblem that matches the one that was laser engraved onto the family's new dining table personalize the structure for the family.

The Playset

Inside the playhouse, there's plenty of room for the kids to use their imagination and play together. The staircase leads up to a bright landing for slide access, and underneath, a lounge is decorated with soft floor pillows and accessories.

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