Our natural style resides in the sphere between vintage and modern. We are drawn to creating spaces that consist of bright, clean lines and fresh natural elements. Our purpose as designers is to help people identify, and then create, the surroundings that fuel enthusiasm and excitement about living in the place they call home.

We met 4 years ago and immediately realized that we had very similar taste and style. We also both have 4 kids, (book-end girls with two boys in the middle), who line up perfectly in age. As we all know, ‘kid compatibility’ is perhaps the number 1 ingredient in a functional adult friendship. Luckily ours all get along great.

As our friendship grew, we discovered that our similarities didn’t end with our style philosophies and children. It turns out we have quite an ever-expanding list that includes a common love of spicy food, dirty Diet Coke, beets and goat cheese, farmer’s markets, and a special fondness in our hearts for the movie “The Last Unicorn.” (Yeah, we know that’s weird.) We prefer veggies to fruit, and both loathe the smell of syrup. But it was when we discovered that we had even randomly bought our kids the same bed linens that we knew this was all more than just coincidence. It was meant to be! It was time to become business partners!

The final step in the process was getting our husbands on board. Luckily, we’re also both married to very supportive husbands who were not only on board, but are also very active in the business. We could not do it without them.

So now we juggle the demands of a thriving young design business with that of raising our families. We’re just extremely fortunate that both fall in to the “passion” category, which makes this life a wonderful adventure!

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