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Farmhouse fanatic and rock star, Jonathan Knight restores centuries-old New England farmhouses into exquisite modern properties in HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer. Alongside innovative designer and long-time friend, Kristina Crestin, Jon dramatically overhauls worn-down historic farmhouses and renovates them to last. Although he's known for being a member of the Grammy Award-nominated band, New Kids on the Block, it’s not just music that runs in the Knight family. Jon’s grandfather, father and uncle all worked in home renovation and often brought Jon along. As a young kid, Jon fell in love with old houses and renovation and eventually became the family’s “go-to handyman.” Jon started his early career as an NKOTB member and began touring around the world. When the group parted ways in 1994, Jon started flipping houses in the Boston area and found new success in his love for renovating old homes. In 2007, NKOTB reunited. Now Jon’s living the best of both worlds: performing with NKOTB and reviving old farmhouses.

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