E. Esposito Interiors's goal is to design healthy, sustainable and unique designs specialized to every client. Design should be enjoyed by all and should always improve the lives it serves. Staying educated about the changes in the industry and the advancement in materials is a key mission in all of our designs.

E. Esposito Interiors is a full-service interior design firm specializing in high-end residential, vacation homes, remodels, staging, visual merchandising, commercial and hospitality designs. Our goal is to make design fun and enjoyable and reduce the amount of stress that comes with designing your project and making detailed design decisions. Each client has their own unique tastes and styles and their spaces should be a true reflection of them. “I strive to create spaces for my clients that show off their personalities and personal tastes rather than fitting into a specific style that becomes known as my design style. Like my clients I want to push the boundaries of design and create spaces that feel limitless,” states owner Emily Esposito.

E. Esposito Interiors is a multi-award wining high-end full service interior design firm focused on healthy, sustainable and unique designs specialized to every client. Nestled in the mountain community of Truckee in North Lake Tahoe, California.

Emily Esposito

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