Fruit Trees and Bushes for Containers

Given the right care, many fruit trees and bushes flourish in containers and produce generous crops.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Bushel and Berry

Photo By: Photo courtesy of BrazelBerries

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Train Cherry Trees Against a Wall or Fence

Cherry trees are vigorous growers and can be trained to fan against a wall or fence. Be sure to place a net over the trees to protect the fruit from birds. After harvesting, prune the trees back to young stems or new buds.

Try a Container-Grown Dwarf Peach Tree

This container-grown dwarf peach tree is portable and can be moved inside if frost threatens. To encourage growth, such container-grown trees can also be moved to the sunniest position. Dwarf peach trees are ideal for growing in pots or containers.

Apricots Need Summer Heat to Produce Fruit

Apricot trees fruit well when exposed to summer heat. It is best to grow apricot trees against a sunny wall and protect the blossoms from frost.

The Planter-Perfect Fig Tree

Plastic, clay or wooden planters will do fine for potting fig trees. Find a warm spot with plenty of sunlight for a potted fig tree to soak up. In addition to their wonderful fruit, fig trees are ornamental and have a striking tropical look, making them an attractive addition to any patio.

'Herbert' Blueberries Tastiest Berry All Around

'Herbert' produces medium blueberries that ripen in late June and are among the largest and best quality of all the cultivars. This is a vigorous, upright bush that is resistant to cracking with an upright, multiple branched growth habit.

'Ben Sarek' Black Currant Suited to Container Garden

'Ben Sarek' is a black currant cultivar which is grown primarily for fruit production. It is a compact, mounding, deciduous shrub bearing clusters of greenish yellow flowers in spring, that give way to long, pendant clusters of black currants in summer.

White Currants Hang in Clusters of Sweet Fruits

Like red currants, white varieties are shallow-rooted and grow well in large pots. Stand containers on pot "feet" to boost drainage.

'Jelly Bean' Blueberries

This dwarf 'Jelly Bean' blueberry bush from Bushel and Berry is the perfect size for small-space gardening.

'Raspberry Shortcake' Bush

BrazelBerries ‘Raspberry Shortcake' is currently available through independent garden centers; click here to enter your zip code and find a local retailer. They’re also available by mail order from White Flower Farm.

'Earliblue' Blueberry Bush Produces Juicy Berries

Blueberries grow well in patio pots. The 'Earliblue' is a vigorous bush that is covered with large, juicy berries in midsummer.

Hanging Basket Produces Continuous Strawberries

Nothing compares to the taste of fresh strawberries ripened in the sun. Grow in large baskets, and choose a selection of early and late fruiting types, or all-summer producers.

Mandarin Trees Bear Fruits from Spring to Fall

There are many cultivars to choose from, with plants in a range of sizes and fruits with different flavors. The branches are very brittle and may need to be supported.

Fruitful Bounty in Variety of Containers

A variety of containers fill a miniature balcony garden with vegetable plants, strawberry vines, cut and come again lettuces, and even a dwarf apple tree.

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