10 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas by Color

Need a last-minute, budget-friendly costume idea? Check out these simple costumes you can throw together with solid color dresses you already have in your closet. Just add a couple of accessories for an easily-recognizable character.

July 01, 2020

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Black Dress = Holly Golightly

Whether people recognize you as Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Shailene Woodley going as Breakfast at Tiffany’s from Big Little Lies, this Audrey Hepburn-inspired look is insanely easy to recreate with black gloves, tons of pearls and a hair comb. This spot-on French Twist was created by Caitlin Murphy at the Gary Manuel Salon in Seattle.

Yellow Dress = LaLa Land

Looking for a quick and easy couple's costume? If you have a yellow dress, you can recreate the iconic dance scene from La La Land. You don’t need dance shoes either; any oxfords from the thrift store will do.

Gray Dress = Pizza Rat

Inspired by the viral video and meme, pair a gray dress with mouse ears from the party store and a pizza slice in hand to go as New York’s Pizza Rat.

Beige Dress = Troll Doll

Go as one of your favorite childhood toys with this Troll Doll-inspired DIY costume. All you need is a beige dress, a colorful, neon wig and a gemstone sticker from the craft store for the signature Troll Doll belly button.

Blue Dress = Babe the Big Blue Ox

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox is an adorable and budget-friendly couple costume. All you need for Paul is a flannel shirt and plastic axe from the party store. And for Babe, pair a blue dress and shoes with some cow ears (painted blue of course).

Purple Dress = Judy Funnie

Channel your inner dramatic teen for Doug’s older sister Judy Funnie. This 90s throwback is so easy to recreate with a purple dress, black leggings and tee, and a purple beret.

Red Dress = Dancing Emoji

Emojis are a great place for costume inspiration. And one of the easiest emojis to recreate is the dancing salsa lady. Pair a red dress with red heels and a 70s/big hair wig from the party store. Don’t forget the signature dance move.

Pink Dress = Miss Piggy

Go full-on diva without breaking the bank. Pair a pink dress with white gloves and a pig nose from the party store to go as the dramatic and fierce Miss Piggy. Layer tons of diamond costume jewelry and pearls, too. There’s nothing too over-the-top for this Muppet.

Green Dress = Poison Ivy

For a lowkey Poison Ivy, pair a green dress with an auburn wig. Don’t have time for a wig? Rock a green dress with faux vines from the dollar store as a boa and go as a “plant lady.”

White Dress = Princess Leia

For Star Wars character Princess Leia, all you need is a white sweater dress with a cowl neck. And lots of bobby pins and hairspray for those iconic side buns. If you don’t have a sweater dress, you can layer a white turtleneck under a white slip dress for a chic, 90s-style Leia.

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