Throw the Best Summer Party Ever With These DIY Ideas Kids Will Love

Follow our must-know tips for keeping everone super cool and totally entertained.

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Water Balloon Pinata

Skip the hard-to-bust candy version, and let kids cool off with loads of water balloons.

Water Gun Paint Party

Load up water guns with acrylic paints, lay out a few drop cloths, then set up an easel and canvas. Your little Picassos will love it!

Bubble Station

Everyone loves bubbles, so make sure you've got plenty of suds, bowls and wands to go around.

Big, Big Bubbles

Keep your ultimate bubble enthusiasts happy with this larger-than-life activity. All you need is extra-sudsy water, a hula hoop and a baby pool.

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Easy Party Snacks

Serve up tasty wraps with plenty of protein to avoid sugar-crash meltdowns later in the day.

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Cool-Down Time

Whip up healthy frozen treats packed with vitamins and minerals to keep kids cool and hydrated.

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Sponge Ball Bucket Toss

If your kids love water balloons, they're sure to like this game, too. Cut up sponges into long strips, then gather the strips and secure in the middle using zip-ties or twine to create a ball. Soak the sponge balls in ice-cold water, then let the kids start playing. The one that gets the most balls into the bucket, wins!

Chilled Sponge Necklaces

These colorful, ice-cold necklaces are a perfect party favor and a fun way to keep kids chilled out all summer long.

Movie Time

When the sun sets, it's time to fire up the projector for a backyard movie night. Simple molding and a projector are all you need. This projector shelf is designed with thin chain link and eye hooks so it's easy to take down and store away when not in use.

Take 'Em To Go

Keep the fun going long after the party ends with bubble wand party favors.

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