28 Ultra-Fun DIY Backyard Games for All Ages

Create endless outdoor fun for kids and kids at heart.

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Yard Yahtzee

You could roll the dice with traditional, tiny-dice Yahtzee but why risk losing a few in the grass? This upgraded, oversized classic eliminates that problem and is just the addition needed in your backyard for the next tailgate party, crawfish boil or wedding reception.

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Fire Pit Game Topper

Don’t let that gorgeous fire pit go to waste because of soaring, sweltering temps. Instead, make the most of your outdoor gathering space by creating a DIY game topper that fits snug atop your fire pit. Trust us, there is no better way to wait on fresh-grilled goodies than by igniting some healthy competition among friends. 'Pit-top checkers, anyone?

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Bocce Ball

First played in Ancient Rome, Bocce Ball is a truly timeless lawn game that will lend years of fun (and competition!) to your outdoor entertainment space.

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Water Balloon Pinata

What’s a party without a little pinata action, right? Kids will delight in this summer-savvy variation to cool off on toasty summer afternoons. To recreate, simply switch out the traditional sweets and paper mache for bundles of mini, vibrant-colored balloons filled with ice-cold water.

Super-Sized Tic Tac Toe

Elevate your family cookout game and go big out back with a super-sized, super fun tic-tac-toe game! Not only is this set ultra-easy to create at home, but it serves for ultra-fun entertainment for every generation.

Art With Aim

Feed your artistic side with an outdoor painting station. The unexpected twist? Throw your typical paint brushes out the window and reach for some heat! Fill water guns with acrylic paint and aim at a giant canvas to create your masterpiece. Pro tip: Don’t forget a drop cloth. The bigger, the better.

Luxe Lawn Bowling

This classic, wooden lawn bowling set is positively swoon-worthy. Invest in a similar set to offer guests with sophisticated entertaining at your next outdoor soirée.

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Projectors are all the rage for outdoor movie nights but why not think outside the box? Instead, use your DIY projector to create an interactive, outdoor tech-gaming station. Press play and compete with friends and family on your go-to online games, all while soaking up some fresh air and Vitamin D.

Playful Water Pegboard

Wow the kiddos with this easy-to-assemble (and low cost!) water activity station. Parents will appreciate that the clever design keeps kids captivated, creative and cooled-off, all day long. All you need are zip ties, duct tape, funnels, plastic buckets and colorful pool noodles to make a pegboard maze of your own.

Backyard Dominoes

Sometimes, size matters. Example: oversized yard dominoes are far more fun and superior in every way than regular, old, dusty pint-sized dominoes. Double the size, double the fun. Don’t believe us? Bring a set into your backyard and prepare to be proven wrong.

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Noodle Sprinkler

All you need to create this 10-minute DIY is one fun-sized pool noodle, a pair of scissors, one pencil, tape and a standard garden water hose. Cut the noodle to size, use the pencil to poke holes and tape off one side of the noodle. From there, slide the noodle onto your hose and turn the nozzle to full blast for super-soaking fun.

Bottle Ring Toss

Pretty, portable and environmentally friendly — what more could you ask for in a backyard bottle toss?! Add a fresh coat of your favorite color-combo onto twelve, recycled bottles and stick them into a wooden crate for the ultimate leisurely lawn game. Pro tip: Reuse the same set season after season by switching up the bottle paint colors. Use red and blue for a festive 4th, then spray 'em orange and black for a happening Halloween.

Sponge Ball Bucket Toss Game

Make a splash! Cut multi-colored sponges into strips and secure them into a ball shape using twine or zip ties. From there, soak them in water and take aim! Compete to see who gets the most sponge balls into the bucket. Word of the wise: prepare to get totally soaked.

Pallet Corn Hole Games

Every backyard needs a set of personalized corn hole boards. Pull out a pair for any outdoor gathering imaginable and guests are guaranteed to feel entertained.

Find how to make vintage-inspired corn hole games out of pallet boards here >>

Oversized Chessboard Patio

Usher in major whimsical-garden vibes into your outdoor space by building an oversized chessboard patio. Use concrete and sod to strategically create a checker design for a playful patio that appears chic with or without the giant chess pieces.

Drop-Cloth Toss Game

Put down the buffalo chicken dip and mid-morning cocktail and put your throwing arm to the test.  Our drop-cloth toss game takes less than an hour to make, reaffirming that this is DIY entertainment at its best. Be sure to incorporate your team colors around the cut-outs for optimal school spirit.

Find our full DIY instructions here >>

Yoga-Mat Bowling Alley

Yogis, where you at?!  Raise your hand — our DIY yoga-mat bowling alley was meant for you! Unroll that old yoga mat sitting in the back of your SUV and lay it out on the back patio. Cut up some colorful pool noodles and find a light-weight ball. Ta-da! The kiddos are ready to for their next, victorious strike.

Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Ladder Golf

Whether you assemble a team or choose to play it solo, you will be glad you built a ladder golf set for your backyard. Toss those tennis bolos and see how many points you can rack up! A helpful hint: Aim high! The higher the rung, the more points you earn.

Find the instructions here >>

No-Hand Noodle Domes

Rainbow-colored pool noodles and dowels are all that’s necessary to create a colorful, soccer paradise in your backyard. The only rule? NO HANDS! A fair warning, though — the soccer domes are likely to result in an increased difficulty to bring children indoors to eat dinner at the end of the day. Yes, they are having that much fun.

Mini Putting Green

Practice makes perfect. Give yourself the opportunity to perfect your strokes by installing a putting green, just steps from your back door.

Find the step-by-step on how to install a mini-green here >>

Noodle Racquetball

Pool noodles know no bounds in the world of outdoor frivolity, friends. Use pool noodles to craft up a pair of light-weight racquets for kids. Once you’ve cut the pool noodle to size, form it into the shape of a racquet and bind it with vibrant-hued tape. Slip produce netting on top and secure it with more tape, on the handle. Voila!

Custom Obstacle Course

Your kids will jump with joy at the chance to create and compete in unique challenges, faced in their very own, custom obstacle course. Another sure fan? Your four-legged fur-baby! Use pool noodles and dowels to position domes around the yard and train your pup to weave and jump, using their favorite treat for motivation.


Put your gorgeous, green sod to proper use and add an air of sophistication to your next get-together, all at the same time. Host a game of croquet for loved ones and laugh with (ahem, at) each other’s breakdowns, peg outs and bonus strokes along the way.

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Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a staple at beer gardens and rooftop pubs, so why not bring that fun into your own outdoor party space? Trust us, the bigger the better. Giant Jenga results in ginormous fun.

Find our DIY how-to here >>

Vertical Bag Toss

Short on corn hole boards? Create a vertical bean bag toss, instead. Use dowels to secure two noodles into the ground, vertically. Bend three additional noodles into circles and secure between the vertical noodles with tape. From there, grab your lucky bean bag and give it your best shot.


All that’s needed for a simple, timeless and portable lawn game are stakes and some shoes! Horseshoes, to be exact. Horseshoe sets are so easy to set up and break down that you’ll want to take yours with you everywhere. Personally, we’re quite taken with the idea of packing a horseshoe set to up the ante at our football tailgates during the fall.

Soft Toss

Pool noodles, duct tape and dowels are all the makings necessary to whip up our two-minute DIY ring toss game. You’ll love this toss because it takes zero time to make, it offers your little one hours of fun, and does both with little-to-no risk for injuries in the process. We’re calling this a "win-win", friends.

Backyard Hopscotch

Bring the playground home by creating a homemade hopscotch out of stepping stones. This is a great way to keep children active and, who knows? The grown-ups could break a little sweat, themselves. To recreate, simply position the stones in a traditional hopscotch pattern and use chalk to scribe colorful numbers on top.

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