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37 Smart Toy Storage Ideas

By: Jeannie Matteucci and Chelsey Bowen

Constantly stepping on your kids’ toys? Keep their playthings tidy yet easily accessible with our best toy storage tips and ideas for the entire house.

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Photo: Cassidy Garcia

How to Organize Your Kids’ Toys

Tired of seeing your kids’ toys strewn all around the house? We get it — stray toys are not only an eyesore but also a tripping hazard if they’re left on the floor. Tidy up your tykes’ belongings with our smart toy storage ideas for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, as well as common areas like the living room. Some of these tactics are simple enough for young children to understand; once you have a system in place, encourage your little ones to put their things away in the proper spots to instill good organization habits early.

Toy storage isn’t one size fits all, so we’ve got solutions for all types of toys big and small, from blocks to baby dolls to board games. An ottoman with hidden storage, like the one pictured here, is ideal for quickly stashing stuffed animals and other large toys before company comes over.

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Baskets FTW

Baskets and bins are really the workhorses of toy storage. They make cleanups quick and painless and create organized shelves. Look for a set of coordinating containers in various sizes to corral all types of toys.

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Photo: Rustic White Photography

Picture-Perfect Labels

If you already know the power of a great bin, make sure your labels are working for you, too. Opting for pictures of the toys rather than words makes it clear for even your youngest to help with pick-up time. Tip: Cut pictures from the toy’s packaging for an instant visual label.

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Photo: Raquel Langworthy; Design By: Abaca Interiors

Totes for Toys

A great way to store toys of different sizes and types, this nursery designed by Abaca Interiors features three hanging canvas tote bags — out of the way, on the back of the bedroom door — for stuffed animals, building blocks and Legos. Each bag is labeled, so both kids and parents know where the toys belong when playtime is over.

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