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The Best Mom Hacks for Controlling Clutter

March 29, 2019

Kids can achieve mountain-like levels of stuff in no time at all. Smart planning and minute-long daily tasks will help you get and keep the clutter at bay.

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Pare Down

Kids' things, just like your laundry pile, multiply overnight. It's hard to maintain their bedrooms and playrooms when stuffed animals, toys and games are spilling out of every drawer, shelf and basket. Your best bet to curbing the clutter is to minimize, minimize, minimize. Start by donating toys that are no longer age appropriate or that they don't play with anymore.

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Rotate Them Out

You may find that even after cleaning out bedrooms and playrooms, you're still left with an abundance of stuff. Limit the number of toys kids have at any given time by rotating. Set aside specific bins to house part of your kiddo's toys and stack those in the garage, attic or closet. Every few months, switch out the toys they've had with the stored ones. Not only does this feel like Christmas to them, but it simplifies the cleaning process for you throughout the year.

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Everything Has a Place

Now that you've downsized, find a designated spot for everything. Organize similar items together in bins and baskets, on shelves and in cabinets or drawers. Try to place as much storage as possible on kids' level so they can easily help with cleanup time.

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Realize the Power of a Label

Embrace your label maker. You may have an organizational system in place, but let's be honest: Your kids are not paying attention. Help them help you by labeling each container. If your kids aren't reading yet, print off a cute illustration to stick on the bin. Now, even the littlest of your kiddos can't say, "But, I don't know where it goes!"

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