What We Love: Inspiring Kids to Get Organized

Organizing kids' rooms can be difficult, but these storage solutions and kid-friendly organizers are up to the challenge.
By: Kathy Wilson
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Photo By: Benjamin Moore

Make Chores Fun

One of the biggest problems in keeping kids organized is getting them to remember. The Chore Chart is a fun, colorful wall hanging that helps teach kids not only to remember and take charge of the chores that are expected of them, but also to be rewarded for doing them.

Tip: This system is great because it works even for kids who can't yet read. Hang it somewhere the child can easily see and reach. Remember, it takes time to develop a habit: Gentle reminders go a long way toward getting your kids organized. Chore Chart, www.onlineorganizing.com, $25.94

Playful Hamper

Can't see your child's floor under all the clothes? Getting kids to take their dirty laundry to the laundry room can be an impossible task for any parent. Make it fun and easy for even a toddler to "feed" their dirty laundry to this adorable Alligator Bongo Hamper.

Tip: These hampers come in several beloved characters including a dog, cow and shark for those adventurous kids. They are easy to clean and can be used for a variety of other storage options — like stuffed animals — as well. Bongo Alligator Buddy, www.itoyboxes.com, $29.99

Break Out the Bins

These canvas bins can be a great way for kids to organize all those toys you always find underfoot in the middle of the night. Slide them onto shelves or into the closet; these tough little bins come in navy, red, purple or pink, and can even be monogrammed for your child.

Tip: These brightly colored bins are decorative in themselves, and can be used for kids of all ages. From a preteen's CD collection to a preschooler's Hot Wheels, they're an affordable answer for organizing toys and media. Canvas Bins, www.thecompanystore.com, $9.00

Creativity Wall

Need help handling the continual influx of your child's school papers, drawings and awards? MagnaMagic makes a special paint that combines a chalkboard and a magnetic surface in one — perfect for hands-on kids. We love the magnetic foam letters and numbers the company sells, too!

Tip: Paint an area of your child's wall with this paint, and allow them to use the chalkboard feature to express their creative side. It's also great for organizing mementos like ribbons and artwork, or as a proud display for the latest A+ paper. Magnetic Chalkboard Paint, available online and at paint and home improvements stores, $39.99 Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Kid-Friendly Rack

Kids sometimes have a hard time stacking things neatly on a shelf. Provide labeled drawstring fabric bags on this colorful peg rack, or use the peg rack to hold backpacks, sweaters and bags.

Tip: Fabric drawstring bags can be found in the laundry section of home stores, or can be sewn up quickly with scrap fabric. Make it easy for kids by hanging the peg rack low enough for them to reach. Peg racks can be used throughout a room, or even hung inside a closet door. Who knows, you might actually stop finding the rain slickers on the floor. Kid's Peg Rack, www.viatoybox.com, $29.00

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