10 Must-Know Hacks for Organizing Pet Supplies

Here's how to keep home tidy and your four-legged friends happy.

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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Contain the Clutter

Pets have everything they need in this toy box filled with bright toys, rainbow ropes and neon tennis balls. If you don't share the same affinity for electric green as your pup, it's important to find a sleek storage solution for toys after playtime. Take note of this mint and white bone-shaped container (with a lid!) to optimize toy tidiness.

Entryway Storage

Fun meets functional at this pet station, featuring a petite console table, a framed photo of the family dog and a bold, cobalt-blue crate for storage overhead. Recreate the station at home with miniature wire bins for treats or tennis balls, then secure a set of handles along the bottom for easy access to leashes and rope toys.

Clear Views

We love organizing our homes with clear, cohesive containers, and our pet supply storage is no exception. Use a simple, glass jar for easy-to-see storage for bones and treats. Bonus points if said jar matches your kitchen pantry canisters.

Built-In Bed + Watering Hole

We're just going to file this one under: pet parent goals. This blue, boho laundry and mudroom offers closed cabinet storage for food and supplies, plus a built-in station for food and refreshments for the family doodle as soon as he comes through the back door. Better yet, the homeowners added a built-in bed area so the pup can catch some R&R post-afternoon play.

Double-Duty Storage

Tight on space? Make the most of what you've got and think twice before tossing those old litter containers. Revamp and repurpose the litter bin with spray paint and jute rope to create a double-purpose scratching post and toy box for your feline friends. Plus, with a thorough cleaning, this project is purrrfect for fashionable kibble storage.

Easy-Access Cubby

Um, organization goals. This sleek, sliding storage cubby stores tons of tasty treats and keeps tug-of-war toys within paws' reach. Just don't be surprised if your playful pup causes you to play pick-up a couple times a day.

Keep Puppy Chow in Place

Organizing toys and treats is the easy part, but keeping all those slobbery kibble crumbs contained to one area of your home? That's a different story. Our tip? Add a large, easy-to-wipe placemat underneath the food and water bowls. Not only will this make clean-up a breeze (which we love), but there are several placemats that keep bowls steady. No more messy bowl across the room after dinner!

Add an En-Suite

Repurpose a roomy cabinet to create the ultimate master suite for your frisky, whiskered friends. Add a proportional, plush bed on top for optimal sunbathing, and use the space underneath for storage and a subtle, en-suite litterbox.

Built-In Boundaries

Boundaries are important for any healthy relationship — including the one between you and your pets. Add built-in gates as seen above, or opt for a beautiful, Craftsman-inspired baby gate, instead, to create healthy separation in your home. Use the gate to designate play areas and pet-free zones. Plus, it will give you peace of mind knowing your playful pet is safe, secure and out of trouble.

Fashionable Feeding Station

Make this feline-friendly feeding station your next weekend project. Add a few coats of your cat's favorite color to an old cabinet with drawers to store treats and toys. Use a jigsaw to add two holes on top for food and water bowls, then use hook-and-loop tape to secure a plush bed for endless afternoon cat naps.

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