Kitchen Design: 10 Great Floor Plans

You only have X amount of square footage in a kitchen and countless ways to use it. See examples of how to make every inch count.
By: Leslie Judson

Photo By: Scott Mayoral ©Design by Christopher J. Grubb.

Breakfast for Two

Designer Candice Olson removed cabinets and walls and installed a peninsula in this Big Easy Kitchen. "This really opens up the area visually, allows the couple some extra counter space and gives guests a place to lounge," Candice says.

Hidden Agenda

What makes this kitchen design so sleek? "(It) features integrated appliances for a seamless look. The warmth of the glossy Makassar ebony is the perfect modern complement to the white upper cabinets and countertop," says designer Christopher J. Grubb.

Go With the Flow

Three rooms were combined to create this kitchen designed by Steve Appolloni. "A skylight was installed inside a unique vented soffit over the island to brighten the kitchen and create visual focus," Steve says.

Rounding the Corner

This kitchen's layout takes full advantage of the views. "The playful colors in this contemporary kitchen are repeated in the accent tiles, area rug and chairs around the breakfast table," says designer Linda Applewhite.

Lofty Layout

"A functional island in stainless steel and Carrara marble is the central work area of this kitchen. The use of cork as a flooring material helps to soften the feeling of a large, open space," says designer Philip Guarino.

All-Purpose Function

With a desk, a television, ample seating and food and drink, it's safe to say this warm kitchen is the hub of this home. Design by Joseph Anthony.

Order Up!

"Riverfront views are maximized with wall-to-wall windows in this family-friendly kitchen," says designer Barb Ince. This kitchen is also fully equipped for preparing family meals or entertaining a large crowd.

—— Image by George Lambros of Lambros Photography

Island Art

An island can be both functional and artistic. "This island creatively bridges the space between the kitchen and dining room. The bookshelves create a visual barrier to the stove and sink areas," says designer Steve Appolloni.

Updated Antique

Reworking an outdated space plan can be challenging in an older home but not impossible. "This pre-Civil War stone barn was moved to its final resting place, stone by stone, from its original location outside Valley Forge Park," says designer Dave Stimmel.
From: Dave Stimmel

Room With a View

Repeating shapes is one way to visually unite adjoining rooms. "The giant curve of glass at the table wall connects the curve of the carpet in the great room with the tile transition in the kitchen," says designer Ann Grasso.

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