Bedroom Floor Plans

Arranging furniture can be tough. We break it down into manageable layouts for bedrooms small, medium and large.
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November 25, 2014

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Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

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Small Bedroom Layout

Even if your bedroom is small, your design options aren't. Start with a neutral color on the walls (pink does count!) and then add tone-on-tone furniture. Good lighting helps expand the appearance of the space. Try using only one bedside table, especially if your dresser can serve as the other. (Click the photo or the NEXT PHOTO button to see this floor plan.)


Small Bedroom – Alternative Layout #1

So that first layout didn't work for you? Take a look at the next three options. This petite room stashes a queen-sized bed and matching tables on the windowless wall. Instead of a dresser, the designer places a low-profile fainting couch in front of the window to make the most of that fantastic view.

Small Bedroom – Alternative Layout #2

Large-scale furniture works in this small bedroom because of the smart layout. Designer Linda Woodrum stores linens in an open-front hutch, in front of which is tucked a reading chair and small table. The streamlined platform and tucked-in duvet keep the room from being cluttered.

Small Bedroom – Alternative Layout #3

Instead of putting a dresser on a side wall, try it at the foot of the bed. Hanging draperies at the ceiling adds height to the room.

Medium-Sized Room Layout

With a little more space, you can tuck a reading nook at the end of the bed. Use small-profile chairs and huddle them around a round table. This layout allows for two bedside tables and full-sized table lamps. Click the photo or NEXT PHOTO to see this floor plan.


Medium-Sized Room – Alternative #1

In the 2011 HGTV Dream Home, the medium-sized guest suite uses a similar floorplan to the one above, but it switches the seating so it faces toward the bed instead of away, creating a more intimate seating arrangement.

Medium-Sized Room – Alternative #2

If your room is medium-sized, instead of putting a seating area at the end of the bed, place a bench there and then use the extra space for a vanity or a small desk. This is a great option for homes that need every room to multitask.

Medium-Sized Room – Alternative #3

This space is similar to the original layout – but it separates the bed and chairs by a walkway and adds a dresser into the seating area. This is a great option for long, narrow rooms, and it effectively breaks the space into a sleeping area and conversation pit.

Large Bedroom Layout

Sometimes it's harder to decorate larger rooms than small ones. What to do with all that space? In this room, a full-size seating area takes point in front of the fireplace, leaving the bed tucked into the window bump-out. Click the photo or NEXT PHOTO to see this floor plan.


Large Room – Alternative #1

If a full-sized living area in the bedroom isn’t your cup of tea, add function with a desk and a chair. In this room, the chair and the desk rest along the same wall, though turning the chair so it faces the bed creates a visual break between the sleeping space and work area.

Here's a close-up of that gorgeous desk in the previous picture.

Large Room – Alternative #2

If your bedroom is large enough, consider full-sized dressers as bedside tables, with a third at the foot of the bed for the TV. A small sofa or chaise to the side add seating.

Large Room – Alternative #3

In the original layout, the seating went in front of the fireplace. In this design the bed gets the view of the hearth, instead. Seating goes to the side under the windows.

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