9 Tech Gadgets That Enhance Your Decor

Technology may make our lives simpler, but it can also be an eyesore in the home. That’s why we’ve rounded up these high-tech products designed to complement a room, rather than detract from it.

Photo By: Bang & Olufsen

Photo By: Airocide

Photo By: MG12

Photo By: EcoSmart Fire

Photo By: Netatmo

Photo By: Sony

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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment

Made to integrate your music library with streaming services, the Moment can also blend seamlessly with your style, thanks to its wooden touch panel. Though it can be flipped to reveal a high-tech touchscreen, the wooden panel can alternatively remain face-up for a midcentury modern look.

Airocide Purifier

This purifier, equipped with NASA technology and originally developed for commercial use, looks anything but industrial. With its striking orange core and silver mesh, it might just pass for modern art. Bonus: It can filter out bacteria, viruses and spores, which even HEPA filters can’t catch.

MG12 Towel Warmer

If your idea of a towel warmer is a big, metal rack or a radiator-esque appliance, check out this European revamp. Made to harmonize with their surroundings, MG12’s warmers look like pop wall art; add a laser-cut metal cover for modern Scandinavian style.

EcoSmart Fireplaces

You don’t need a chimney (or smelly ash, or heavy cords of wood) to enjoy a fireplace. EcoSmart’s bioethanol-fed fireplaces are smokeless, and can be contained within walls of glass or even set aflame on a tabletop, letting you effectively decorate with fire.

Netatmo Weather Station

Generally, monitoring your indoor air quality requires a box that looks like a cross between a short wave radio and a smoke alarm. Netatmo’s app-associated device is a brushed aluminum cylinder that will not only help keep your air cleaner, but keep your look clean.

Sony S990 Curved TV

Having a flat screen TV doesn’t mean your design lines have to be trapped inside a box. You can soften the look with a set like Sony’s S990 curved LED TV. The satellite dish-shaped screen is made to expand your viewing angle, but it can also expand your decorating possibilities.

Libratone Speakers

No matter how sweet the music you play may be, angular glass and metal speakers aren’t going to mesh with a warm and cozy design scheme. These wool-covered, round wireless speakers promise Scandinavian style, taking their fashion cue from sweaters. 

Adorne Switch Plates by Legrand

Switch re-imagined. French oak, hand-forged bronze and even custom patterns (say, marbleized paper to match your antique books?) are among the range of creative options from Legrand, and the beautiful square shape and innovative style is refreshing and new.

Framed 2.0 Digital Art

A framed painting or poster is nice, but the traditional version can’t do what this digital creation can. Hailing from Japan, Framed 2.0 is a digital frame that can be loaded via app with original, moving artwork — and controlled with a swipe of your hand.

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