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10 Clever Updates for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Coffee makers, toaster ovens, cleaning equipment – lots of things can clutter a kitchen. For a clean design, keep your kitchen essentials concealed with these smart designer tricks.
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Photo: Scott Hislop

Automatic Dustpan

This works with a central vacuum system and mounts on the baseboards of your kitchen cabinets. Just sweep toward the dustpan, then push the lever open and watch it suck up the dust — no endless sweeping required.

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Photo: adorne by Legrand

Adorne Legrand Pop-Out Outlet

Ordinary outlets, time for a makeover. This clean design is a flush square that pops out when needed, revealing a multi-sided outlet.

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Photo: Docking Drawer

Docking Drawer

Leaving your devices to charge on the countertop doesn't just create clutter; it turns your tablets into targets for food spills. Solve the problem with a Docking Drawer — the outlets are inside, so your gadgets can stay safely tucked away.

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Photo: Whirlpool Corporation

Refrigerator Speaker

Guess which appliance has good taste in music? The refrigerator with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, of course! It’s tucked out of sight on the top, so you’ll hear great tunes, but won’t see a music system.

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