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Toy Closet Organizing Ideas

Practical and playful ideas for making a toy-packed closet fun and functional
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Savvy Closet Flip

The angular, 6-foot-by-7-foot closet of this attic-turned-playroom was given a high-energy, organized update with bold color, ready-made cabinets and smart space planning.

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Mix and Match Storage

Create a toy closet that's as easy to access as it is aesthetically pleasing by combining open and concealed storage solutions. While floor-to-ceiling cabinets hide toys, books and sports equipment from view, open storage cubbies keep frequently used items at kids' fingertips. Cubbies sized 12-by-12 inches will accommodate most baskets and bins, but when space is at a premium, it's best to scale back the size to keep the cabinets and cubbies proportionately in check.

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Fill Baskets With Books

Bookshelves are by far the most popular way to organize books; however, most children's books are sized smaller than reference or coffee table books and do not require such large-scale storage solutions. Instead, toss these small tomes inside canvas bins or baskets. Keep the organization easy for kids by adding identifying labels to each bin, simply by painting or drawing on thick card stock or leftover paint chips. This will make the books both easy to access and easy to put away.

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Replace Fixtures

Most closets are lit by uninteresting, contractor-grade fixtures. Add designer flair by replacing them with nautical, rustic or industrial flush mounts. Offering more than just illumination, they create a cohesive and current look.

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