13 Fun (and Functional) Oven-Baked Clay DIYs

Oven-baked clay — also known as polymer clay — is a crafting staple beloved for its versatility. Use it to create everything from custom beads and dollhouse furniture to jewelry dishes and vases.

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Polymer Clay Fairy Garden Succulents

Oven-baked clay is a non-toxic, PVC-based clay that comes in a variety of colors and types depending on your skill level and project. Cure your sculpted creations by baking the clay at home on a cookie sheet.

You can used oven-baked clay in a variety of projects, like these tiny succulents for your fairy garden or a child's dollhouse. Even the pots and soil are clay!

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DIY Terrazzo Polymer Clay Coasters

Jump on the terrazzo train with oven-baked terrazzo pattern coasters. This DIY practically makes itself.

Get the steps: Make Terrazzo-Inspired Drink Coasters for Your Next Shindig

Oven-Baked Clay Bugs

Brighten up your potted plants or garden with these friendly oven-baked clay bugs.

More ideas: DIY Garden Love Bugs

DIY Polymer Clay Photo Holder

Display your favorite photos with a polymer clay photo holder. Customize the piece further by creating brilliant colored swirls in the clay or by shaping the wire into a pawprint, dog, bone, triangle or anything you can dream of.

Get the steps: How to Make a DIY Polymer Clay Photo Holder

Oven-Baked Clay Earrings

Craft the perfect accessory for any occasion. Shape your polymer clay into earrings you can mount on jewelry hardware from the craft store.

Get the steps: 3 Clay Terrazzo Crafts

Polymer Clay Trays

Use polymer clay to make trays for your trinkets, keys and spare change. Give the trays some texture with items from around the house — lines can be made by pressing a knife blade into the clay, or make circles with the end of a straw.

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Polymer Clay Incense House Burner

Smoke will roll from the tiny chimney on this polymer clay incense house burner. Disclaimer: This project cannot be used with a candle or open flame. Incense must be blown out before placing inside the house and should never be left unattended.

Get the steps: Craft a Clay Incense House Burner

Polymer Clay Bead Mosquito-Repelling Bracelet

Ward off pests with a polymer clay bead bracelet infused with natural mosquito-repelling essential oils. Roll the clay into small, uniformly sized beads, poke holes for the thread and bake. Once cool, string them up and apply your essential oils.

Get the steps: 3 Stylish Mosquito-Repelling Bracelets You Can Make

Oven-Baked Clay Cheese Knife

Use the terrazzo pattern by adding flecks of colorful polymer clay to white clay, or create your own color scheme. Wrap the clay around a cheese knife handle. Bake and use it as a serving knife for your next cheese board.

Get the steps: 3 Clay Terrazzo Crafts

Oven-Baked Clay Watercolor Travel Tin

Want to take some easy-to-pack painting supplies on the go? Use oven-baked polymer clay to fashion a tiny watercolor travel pallet. Press the clay into a small, metal container. Bake, fill with liquid watercolors and let it dry.

Get the steps: How to Make a Watercolor Travel Tin

Oven-Baked Clay Garden Markers

Remember what you planted where with clay garden markers. Paint them to blend in with the garden or provide bright pops of color among your plants.

Get the steps: Easy Clay Garden Markers

Polymer Clay Wine Toppers

Spark a conversation with a custom wine topper. Bake your sculpture onto a polymer clay disc and then secure it to the top of a cork with a brad nail.

Get the steps: 3 Ways to Make Custom Wine Bottle Stoppers

Oven-Baked Clay Air Plant Saucer

Make an understated air plant hanger to keep the focus on what you're growing and not on the container it lives in. An oven-baked clay disk and some thread are the perfect sling for these low-maintenance house plants.

Get the steps: Make a Simple Air Plant Hanger

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