Mobile Wooden Crate Toy Storage

Put old crates to new use as personalized, easy-to-push children's room toy storage.

Wine Crates as Personalized Toy Storage in Light Blue Room

Wine Crate Toy Storage

Materials Needed:

  • wooden crates
  • electric sander
  • sanding pads
  • letter and number stencil kit
  • pencil
  • wood-burning tool
  • measuring tape
  • drill
  • rope
  • 1-inch drill bit
  • heavy-duty scissors
  • utility knife
  • 4 small- or medium-sized casters per crate
  • 1/8-inch drill bit
  • 16 1/2-inch wood screws
  • screwdriver

Gather Crates

Gather wooden crates from local boutiques, flea markets, farmers' markets or wine shops. Tip: Many local shop owners will set used wooden crates aside for frequent customers who request them. Keep in mind that wine crates are usually the perfect size for holding toys, sports gear, games and books.

Wooden Crates

Gather Wood Crates

Sand Surface

Use electric sander and sanding pads to smooth down rough surfaces and corners.

Electric Sander Sanding Wood

Sand Surface of Wood Crate

Stencil Name

Choose a side of the crate on which to stencil name. Using a stencil kit, draw the letters on the face of the crate with a pencil.

Stenciling Letter on Wood Crate With Pencil

Stencil Name Onto Wood Crate

Fill In Letters With Wood-Burning Tool

Using wood-burning tool, carefully outline and fill in the stenciled lettering. Allow approximately 10 minutes for letters to cool.

Burning Letters Into Side of Wood Crate

Fill In Letters on Crate With Wood-Burning Tool

Measure and Mark for Rope Handles

On the side panels of the crate, measure 4 inches in from each corner and 2 1/2 inches down to create two center points for drilling rope handle holes.

Measuring and Marking Spot on Wood Crate With Tape Measure and Pencil

Measure and Mark Wood Crate for Rope Handles

Drill Holes

Using drill with 1-inch drill bit, add two holes to each side of crate, centering the point of the bit on the marks made in step 5.

Drilling Hole in Side of Wood Crate

Drill Holes in Crate for Handles

Tie Knots and Fasten Rope

Tie a knot in one end of a 16-inch length strand of 3/4-inch rope, then pull the opposite end of the rope through one of the holes from the inside of the crate. Pass the rope through the second hole; keep enough slack on the outside to put a hand through comfortably. Tie a knot on the end of the rope inside the crate.

Attaching Rope Handle to Wood Crate

Tie Knots and Fasten Rope to Create Handles

Cut and Tie Rope

Cut any excess rope from the inside of the crate with heavy-duty scissors or utility knife. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to install a handle on the opposite side of the crate.

Cutting Excess Rope With Scissors

Cut Excess Rope From Handles

Position Casters

Turn the crate over so that the bottom is facing up, and then align one caster on each corner, marking the screw holes with a pencil. Be sure to keep the edges of the casters flush with the edges of the crate. Tip: For the best mobility, position the caster between 1/2 inch and 1 1/2 inches in from the corner of the crate.

Aligning Caster on Bottom Corner of Wood Crate

Position Casters on Bottom of Wood Crate

Drill Holes to Install Casters

Use a 1/8-inch drill bit to drill pilot holes about 1/4 inch deep on each pencil mark. Repeat on all four corners of crate.

Drilling Hole in Bottom Corner of Wood Crate

Drill Holes in Crate to Install Casters

Install Casters

Secure all four casters with 1/2-inch wood screws and a screwdriver.

Screwing Casters Into Wood Crate

Install Casters on Bottom of Wood Crate

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