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Copy the Design: Stunning Master Bedrooms From Drew and Jonathan Scott Jun 23, 2016

Love the master bedrooms the Scott brothers designed on this season of Brother Vs. Brother? Here's how to get the look at home. 

Buy It Now: Combine Modern and Bohemian Beautifully 7 Photos

Christina, Matthew and their four girls outgrew apartment living and bought a house in need of renovation. They focused on the master suite and living room, marrying their different design tastes into one comfortable family home.

Art-Inspired Girls' Bedroom Jun 10, 2016

Designer Tawna Allred created a tranquil yellow room for her two daughters to share and grow in. The design scheme was based on one of the daughter's bee artwork, creating a sweet personal touch.

12 Ways to Fake a Bedroom 12 Photos

So, you're short on space (like, SUPER short on space), but you need to house friends and family. There's no need to stare at an unused bed 11 months out of the year when you could simply fake a guest bedroom with a hidden bed.

Master Retreats: Glam Suite in Miami 12 Photos

The highlight in the master suite is a tufted headboard that reaches the ceiling.

Kids’ Spaces: Bold Bedrooms in Highland Park, Ill. 8 Photos

Playful wallpapers, funky light fixtures and other stylish design details make these kids’ spaces feel fun, fresh and not too juvenile.

Kids’ Spaces: Indoor/Outdoor Bunk Beds in Truro, Mass. 12 Photos

This modern waterfront home boasts a super-cool kids’ bunkroom that seamlessly opens to the outdoors.

Kids’ Spaces: Sophisticated Shared Bedroom in Spring, Texas 12 Photos

With elegant light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling window treatments and chic furniture, these kids’ bedrooms are fit for little princesses.

Kids’ Spaces: Eclectic Hangout in Houston, Texas 8 Photos

Featuring a fun mix of colors and patterns, this vibrant girl’s bedroom maximizes space with a sleeping area, a lounge and a study zone.

Kids’ Spaces: Teen-Friendly Suite in Greenwich, Conn. 12 Photos

A private wing with a comfy lounge, a study space and a hot-pink bedroom offers everything a teen could need in this elegant home.