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Wake Up Your Bedroom

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When a Long Island family bought their new home, it came with a dumpy, dated master bedroom. <i>HGTV Magazine</i> stepped in for a redo.

Clever Bedding Ideas

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<i>HGTV Magazine</i> took 15 bedding elements &#151; sheet sets, blankets and throw pillows &#151; to create 22 different layered looks.

A Mother's Day Bedroom Makeover

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<i>HGTV Magazine</i> teamed up with Matt Muenster, HGTV and DIY Network host, to turn a busy mom's blah space into the bedroom of her dreams.

The Totally DIY Kid's Room

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This Utah mom showed <i>HGTV Magazine</i> how she decorated her daughter's bedroom, one crafty project at a time. Look for how-tos at the bottom of some slides.

Learn From Vern: Nightstands

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Vern Yip of <i>Live in Vern&rsquo;s House</i> shares his best tips with <i>HGTV Magazine</i> for finding just the right nightstand for your bedroom.

Full House: A Favorite Room for Everyone

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Mom, Dad, and all four daughters&mdash;and even the dog!&mdash;each have a favorite spot in this bright, airy Florida home. <i>HGTV Magazine</i> takes you on a tour.

From Gross to Great: An Island Home Makeover

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By stripping away the dowdy and going all in with color, beach lovers showed <i>HGTV Magazine</i> how they turned a ramshackle coastal cottage into a summer destination.

Bedroom Inspiration

What's New

Bedroom Pendant Lights

Oct 16, 2014 by Gina Hannah

Consider adding pendant lights to your bedroom decor for an elegant look.

10 Bedroom Trends to Try

10 Photos

Three of our favorite designers share what's hot in bedroom design today.

12 Designer Bedrooms

12 Photos

Make you bedroom look like a designer created it without busting your budget. We show you how.

Choose Furniture for Safety + Comfort

Oct 24, 2014 by Amanda Lecky

You'll spend many hours in your child's room, so of course you'll want to make sure it's an enjoyable space for both of you. Here's how to pick the perfect furniture pieces.

Bedroom Secrets Revealed

Oct 21, 2014

We polled HGTV fans to find out what goes on in the bedroom, from how often they change the sheets to what their favorite color scheme is. How do your answers match up?

Chic Bedroom Storage

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Bedroom storage is a highly coveted commodity. Even if you don't have a roomy closet where you can stash things out of sight, you can choose a great piece of furniture that will store your stuff in style.

Decorative String Lights for Bedrooms

Oct 16, 2014 by Gina Hannah

Create a warmth and romance in your bedroom with decorative string lights, which come in a wide range of styles and can be tailored to fit your decor.

Choosing a Kid's Room Theme

Oct 14, 2014 by Chelsey Bowen

Whether you want to incorporate a theme in a small way or go completely over the top, we asked designers for their top tips to creating a themed kid's room.

20 Colorful Bedrooms

20 Photos

If your bedroom needs a pick-me-up, a splash of color should do the trick. Get inspired by these bedrooms from HGTV designers and fans.

9 Pin-Worthy Jewelry Storage Ideas

9 Photos

Keep your jewelry organized, accessible and tangle-free with these stylish, creative solutions.