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11 Bedroom Updates for a Better Night's Sleep Jan 13, 2017

Improve the quality of your zzz’s with these easy changes.

Bubble Wrap Family Art Project Jan 5, 2017

Get kids involved in this inexpensive project that turns their creativity into an incredible art work.

DIY Indoor Kid Fort Jan 5, 2017

This super easy fort will keep children occupied when rain or snow strike.

Hip Scrabble Letter Wall Art Jan 5, 2017

Create personalized wall art with these fun and easy, giant-sized board game pieces.

Make a Cool Skateboard Clock Jan 4, 2017

Create a one-of-a-kind, completely customizable wall clock with skateboard decks.  

Brothers Take New Orleans: Bedroom and Bathroom Transformations from Drew and Jonathan Scott 27 Photos

Can the brothers survive their third challenge building two bedrooms and two bathrooms from the studs up in one week? Check out the before and afters to see how Drew and Jonathan brought their master suites back to their southern glory. 

Multipurpose Master Suite Offers New Parents Spots for Relaxation and Fun Jan 9, 2017

After welcoming a baby boy, two parents turned to Marie Flanigan to create a spa-inspired, multipurpose master suite. The result was a soothing space which married their styles while creating areas where everyone could feel comfortable -- even the family dog.

Soothing White Master Suite Features Gold, Marble Decor 16 Photos

HGTV.com presents a beautiful white master suite from interior designer Marie Flanigan, where tufted accents and a spacious canopy bed provide plenty of room for lounging. Gold accents further the luxe feeling.

Stop Hitting Snooze With These Top Sleep + Alarm Apps Nov 4, 2016

One extra hour of sleep is coming your way this weekend. *Hallelujah Emoji*

Design Ideas for a Shared Boys' Room 20 Photos

HGTV offers great tips for making a bedroom shared by two boys work and grow with them through the years.