What HGTV Editors Are Buying on Amazon Right Now

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February 06, 2023

We know what you love to buy on Amazon (vacuums! carpet cleaners!), but we figured you might be interested in knowing what we're buying right now. From kitchen accessories to area rugs, HGTV staffers are filling up their Amazon carts with some pretty good stuff. Shop our must-buys in the links below — and thank us later.

Jessica Yonker, HGTV Handmade Editor

$99.99 $89.95

I bought the meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Out of all the available attachments, I deduced I'll probably use this one the most. My first experiment with it was to make a batch of meatballs for spaghetti. My tips so far: partially freeze the meat that goes into it; chill the meat grinder attachment in the fridge before use (don't put it in the freezer, I did this and it got so cold that the meat was sticking to the cold metal), and most of all, be very gentle. I was a little too heavy-handed and thought I almost broke the thing on the first go. 😅

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Liz Dunlap, Producer


After a close call with a candle fire situation, I started looking into candle warmers, and I'm officially a convert! It burns longer and more evenly without sacrificing the fragrance or my sanity worrying about burning down my place.

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Shannon Phillips, HGTV Managing Editor

$69.75 $64.99

After too many frustrating sessions of stir-frying in a cheap wok (and scrubbing off scorched food afterward), I was in the market for a better-quality wok. I've been super impressed so far by this one from Craft Wok on Amazon. It's made from heavy, hand-hammered carbon steel that's nonstick when properly seasoned and maintained. It's a bit of work, but totally worth it for perfect stir-fries and no more stuck-on food!

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Morgan Faulkner, HGTV Editorial Assistant

$64.99 $54.81

Ever since I started drinking coffee years ago, I've always drank it hot and never over ice. Well, that's all changed now thanks to the Mr. Coffee Iced and Hot Coffeemaker. I recently bought this on a whim and have only been drinking iced coffee since (seriously). The coffeemaker comes with a reusable tumbler with measurement markings on it, a double-ended scoop that nestles into the machine and a reusable coffee filter for adding your own grounds. I love how fast this machine brews, how easy it is to clean and that it serves dual purposes and gives me the option to make hot coffee, too.

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$8.99 (Set of 3)

If you're a loofah user, then you'll love these loofah puffs. This is my second time purchasing the trio, and I love how soft and silky they are on your skin. They lather nicely, are very durable and are an amazing value for the price. Plus, the color options are so chic and trendy.

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Marianne Canada, Senior Director


This is not exactly a sexy thing, but it's really been a game-changer. I feel like I have spent my adult life battling bottles with pumps that leave a lot of product at the bottom. Toss the pump, put one of these on and flip the bottle. Boom. The set even comes with adapters so you can fit almost every bottle out there.

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Chelsea Faulkner, HGTV Social Editor

From $25.72

This rug is SO pretty. The muted rust + blue shades warm up a room without overwhelming it with color. It's also way more plush and thick than I expected at such a low price point.

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$20.88 (Set of 4)

Yes, coat hooks CAN change the look and feel of a room. These wood hooks are large enough to hold towels, coats, bags and more! They also come with extra-strong adhesive strips if you can't or don't want to make holes in the wall. I installed them in a camper and they stayed put — even in fluctuating temps.

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I was blown away by how beautiful this shower curtain is for the price ($35!). It's heavy and substantial and instantly updated my bathroom.

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Want the Lululemon look and quality without the Lululemon price? CRZ Yoga is the dupe for you. I've bought multiple pieces from this brand and am blown away by the high-quality fabric and details. These cropped tees are my favorite for working out or running errands.

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If you're getting married or know someone who is, this handy envelope-addressing stencil is a must-have. It makes writing those endless thank-you cards and shower invites much easier (and prettier!).

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Jennifer Cicatelli, Senior Manager, Commerce Analytics


As a parent of two active toddlers, I needed an activity that would be fun, indoors and help improve my children's hand and finger strength and dexterity skills. I started off with paint pallets (watercolor and washable bottles), but the amount of cleanup was exhausting. The squeezable brush paints were fun, easy to use, controlled the mess and allowed for a speedy cleanup. Bonus points for a refillable design!

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Jackie McGilvray, HGTV Editor

$29.99 $27.99

I'm using this to start seeds for my spring garden, or it can be used for an indoor winter herb garden. It's cheaper than the popular hydroponic garden kits and it looks stylish sitting in my living room. It's got an automatic timer which also makes it easy.

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Felicia Feaster, HGTV Managing Editor

$16.50 (Set of 2)

I've been needing to organize the purses in my closet forever but didn't want to start drilling into the walls. These pretty brushed gold hooks that use 3M sticky pads to secure to the wall are a great alternative. Now I'm looking at other storage spaces in my home where I can add these very handy, very strong hooks. I'm coming for you, pantry and coffee station!

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From $99

Yes, the dogs have won. After countless accidents on my jute hallway rug, I have thrown in the towel and recognize that this is my pug's favorite place to relieve himself. But I'm not sorry: this 70s-cool graphic washable Ruggable rug in on-trend shades of green has suddenly transformed my boring hallway into a style moment. It's already inspired me to step up my game and install a new mirror and light fixture in this previously style-deficient space. The only challenge with this rug is the super strong velcro-like rug pad that comes with it which can be challenging to line up perfectly with the rug. But once it's there, it is solid and not going anywhere, so there is no tripping hazard!

From $99 | Amazon From $89 | Ruggable
$18.99 (Set of 2)

I am obsessed with these chic all-cotton Turkish towels that are perfect as dish towels and guest towels in my bathrooms and kitchen. They are more generous than the usual dish towel and look very au courant as bathroom guest towels and strike the perfect insouciant, not too matchy-matchy vibe with my wallpaper. I am partial to the black towels, but they come in a variety of shades to suit your decor.

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Laura James, HGTV Editor


I bought a patio set with white cushions — bold, I know — last spring for my uncovered deck and recently purchased these covers to protect the furniture from the elements during winter. While I knew that I'd probably need to use a pressure washer (this Sun Joe machine works like a charm) on them every now and then to revive the white cushions, this loveseat patio cover and the matching set for chairs have minimized buildup from falling leaves, rain, snow and other debris during the colder months, when I knew I wouldn't be using the furniture at all. I couldn't find covers with the exact dimensions of my furniture, so even though they are a little oversized, I like how these have drawstrings around the bases that allow me to tighten them. Plus, there are loops that slide around the furniture legs to prevent the covers from blowing off in strong winds. When spring finally rolls around, I know I won't have to spend as much time pressure washing to make my patio cushions look new again.

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$111.99 $66.67

I recently purchased a modular seagrass rug from Rush House, and since the rug isn't lined, the brand recommends adding a rug pad underneath for added cushion and protection for hardwood floors. This rug pad makes the rug feel softer to walk on and also catches any dirt and debris that makes it through the seagrass weave — I simply lift up the seagrass rug to vacuum the rug pad when I want to do a deeper cleaning. It was also easy to trim to be a few inches smaller than the rug.

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I've been drinking less alcohol lately and trying to spend less on drinks out of the house, so I bought this nice lavender simple syrup for making mocktails as well as lattes at home. While working from home, I've made chai tea lattes with just a little splash of this lavender syrup as an afternoon pick-me-up, and it's so good! I've also made the Hummingbird drink recipe printed on the bottle, which contains this lavender syrup, lemon juice, sparkling water and vodka, which I just skip when I want a fun mocktail, and it's a tasty and refreshing drink.

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I love my 32-ounce Hydroflask water bottle, but it doesn't fit in standard car cup holders. I came across this genius gadget that allows you to expand the size of your cup holder to fit larger containers from brands like Hydroflask, Yeti, Nalgene and more. It works like a charm and my large stainless steel water bottle sitting in the passenger seat is no longer a driving hazard whenever I tap the brakes too suddenly.

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I ran out of my go-to handwashing soap recently and decided to give this bottle from Amazon in the scent Aloe + Eucalyptus + Lavender a try. It smells nice, I like the way the minimal branding looks in my bathroom and the price is so much cheaper than the fancier spa-inspired hand soaps like from Aesop you've probably seen all over Instagram.

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After my friend and fellow HGTV editor Chelsea Faulkner recommended this under-$20 belt bag as a dupe for the viral Lululemon belt bag, I snagged one and am obsessed! It comes in so many good colors, has multiple compartments, is big enough to fit my wallet, phone and a lip balm and is adjustable. It can be worn as a fanny pack or belt bag, and I like that it doesn't feature any branding. It's great for throwing on for errands, walks or even a night out.

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Kelly Smith Trimble, Senior Editorial Director

$65.99 $55.99

I've been like Goldilocks about sleeping pillows except even the third try didn't cut it. But recently, at a yoga class, the teacher had us roll a blanket lengthwise to put under our necks during final resting pose, and it felt like exactly what I needed. When I mentioned it to her after, she told me about cervical spine support and suggested getting a contour pillow. After looking at options and reviews, I landed on this one. It took a week or so to get adjusted to it, but now I'm completely in love. The shape cradles my head and neck without crunching it forward. I love that I can sleep on my back or on my side and get the same type of support. And when on my side, the arm support area provides a perfect spot for my arm when sleeping. I'm sleeping better, I think my posture is already improving, and I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular pillow.

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Noelle Paredes, HGTV Magazine Online Editor

$48.99 (Set of 2)

This shop sells good quality down inserts in a ton of different sizes. I love to buy them to make my affordable pillow covers (from Target, H&M, Home Goods, etc.) feel way more high-end. A good insert is a game-changer if you want fluffy pillows that won't get misshapen over time!

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Kayla Kitts, HGTV Managing Editor

$16.99 $9.79

I was influenced by TikTok to buy this Bloom Greens & Superfoods mix that desperately needs an electric whisk to be drinkable. I got this frother for less than $10, and it’s even made my morning coffee routine more fun.

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$49.99 (Set of 2)

My toddler is too big for a crib but too little for a grown-up bed. That makes traveling a little complicated. For a recent cabin stay, I bought these bed bumpers that convert any bed into a safe bed for my little one. I don’t have to worry about him rolling out in the middle of the night.

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I bought this divided storage bin while on a quest to organize my refrigerator. I use it to hold washed raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, but it can store any produce or even be used in the pantry!

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$13.99 (Set of 3)

These bamboo dish scrubbers are so aesthetic and look so nice on my countertop as opposed to the sponges I was using before. It even comes with a little white dish to sit next to the sink!

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This cookbook has some of the best recipes that are perfect for weeknight meals. And what I love is that I get to be a little creative. The recipes spell out the ingredients but not the measurements, so you have plenty of freedom to make the dish however you like.

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Ellie Sanders, Assistant Newsletter Editor


I looked high and low for a lunchbox for my 15-month son that met all my requirements: BPA-free, dishwasher safe, leak-proof, and of course, aesthetically pleasing. I randomly stumbled across this bento box-style lunchbox with great reviews and purchased it immediately with the hopes that it would live up to my expectations. Spoiler alert: it did. It's such great quality I doubt I'll have to purchase it again, but I absolutely will if the time comes.

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Mariel Clark, VP, Digital Strategy + Multiplatform Production

$49.99 $39.99

I love hot tea but when I travel I can't bring my giant kettle with me. At a recent HGTV shoot, someone had this portable kettle and after borrowing it a couple of times I ordered my own right way. I'm looking forward to testing it out to see how it holds up. It's about the size of a standard water bottle and makes enough for one large cup at a time. It heats up quickly, though the one I used didn't quite get to boiling at high altitude. It has a color-coded indicator that goes from blue to yellow to red with the water temp and a detachable power cord so all you need is water and an outlet plus tea, coffee or instant noodles.

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$6.99 (Set of 4)

These were super-cheap problem solvers for all those times I gently — or not so gently — hit the brakes in my car causing my bag, umbrella and water bottle to slide off the seat onto the floor. (Reminder from our water bottle roundup, I carry a huge 48-ounce Nalgene everywhere and it doesn't fit in the cupholders.) These go around the headrest base and I can hang whatever I need to and it will stay more secure and within reach. They don't need installation and can be used on the front or back of the seat so they're good for kids' stuff, too.

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$7.99 (Set of 2)

I just got a new suitcase and want to be able to spot it in a sea of bags. I picked up these inexpensive luggage tags; I went with the "highlighter green" color. They come in lots of bright colors, have sturdy metal loops to attach them, are silicone so they don't scratch or slice bags, and other than your name, your contact information is hidden inside the tag. I have only used them as carry-on and gate-check but so far they're just what I needed.

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Virginia Moon, HGTV Managing Editor


These faux leather leggings — I wear them all the time with sweaters and sneaks. I don’t want to spend a lot on leggings, but these are inexpensive comparatively and hold up great. The pockets are a must-have, and I now have them in brown and black.

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$14.95 (Set of 75)

Gotta have all the labels! I label everything and I think these are a reasonable price. I probably should just get a label maker, but for now, these are my go-to.

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$11.39 (Pack of 10)

These miracle patches — I don’t know how they work, but if you’re feeling a little blemish pop up, throw one of these on overnight and problem solved. Truly a miracle.

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