10 Blue-tiful Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

We've got the blues.

I’ve found myself saying the same thing over and over lately as we make improvements to our new home: paint is a miracle worker! Changing a color on even the smallest of details can really pack a punch indoors and out. So naturally, as I was looking for remodel ideas in the kitchen, I decided a quick cabinet color refresh would be our next project.

Ripping out built-ins or even swapping out the door faces can be expensive, so we're going to tackle a weekend update with just a simple paint swap. Blue hues in the kitchen are very on trend right now, so I’ve rounded up a few inspirational favorites that have me ready to whip out that paintbrush and add some much needed drama to dinner making!

Cobalt Cooler

Blue and White Transitional Kitchen With Shades

Blue and White Transitional Kitchen With Shades

This formerly dark and uninteresting kitchen gets a whole new life with beautiful blue cabinetry, delicate pendants and roman shades with a subtle graphic print. The backsplash is the star of the room: gray tiles in a chevron stripe.

Photo by: Julie Soefer Photography

Julie Soefer Photography

Now this is a statement color! Not your average navy, cobalt wakes you up as soon as you step foot in the room. It feels like a piece of Lichtenstein artwork and takes this modern kitchen to the next level of cool.

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Before: Odd Architectural Features in Living Room

Before the makeover, the living room featured arched architectural niches of different sizes with built-in cabinets that didn't fully fit their locations. The overall look was incoherent and confusing.

Photo By: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Transitional Living Room With Blue Cabinets

Reconfigured windows allow more light into the living room, while the mismatched wall niches are united in a single space that provides cabinets and shelves for storage and display. Blue and gray provide some color depth while still reading as a neutral palette, and a textured wallcovering adds depth to the entertainment center and ties in well with the subtly striped rug.

Before: Bland, Neutral Kitchen

The kitchen was layout functioned well before the makeover, but the overall look was a little bland for the homeowners' taste. 

Photo By: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Blue and White Transitional Kitchen With Shades

This formerly dark and uninteresting kitchen gets a whole new life with beautiful blue cabinetry, delicate pendants and roman shades with a subtle graphic print. The backsplash is the star of the room: gray tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Before: Home Office With Uneven Color Palette

While contrasting ceiling color can work to highlight architectural details, the navy blue in this room was a bit too strong for the beige-and-brown color palette that filled the rest of the space.

Photo By: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Gray Transitional Home Office With Gold Lamp

What was once a drab room now looks so elegant thanks to a coat of gray paint on the walls, tasteful furnishings and golden accents. Answering emails is delightful in such a chic space!

Before: Beige Master Bathroom

The master bathroom featured the amenities the homeowners wanted but was beginning to look a bit dated with its beige walls, dark cabinetry and tile flooring.

Photo By: Marie Flanigan Interiors

White Spa Bathroom With Gray Cabinets

Just looking at this gorgeous spa bathroom makes a body feel more peaceful. Check out the luxe soaking tub, glass-enclosed walk-in shower and long stretch of cabinets and drawers. Soft gray is a pretty counterpoint to the wall and floor's fresh white.

Beachy Blues

Blue and White Kitchen With Colorful Rug

Blue and White Kitchen With Colorful Rug

A colorful rug lifts the palette of this simple kitchen to rainbow levels, paired with its sky-blue lower cabinets and cloud-like upper cabinets and backsplash.

Photo by: Mary Costa Photography

Mary Costa Photography

Reminiscent of surfside cocktails and lazy days in the sand, this eye-catching cabinet color makes everyday a vacation day.

Island Time

Giving the island its own unique splash really brings focus to the center of the room. Keeping the cupboards in the same color family makes for an effortless look that's still intriguing without looking busy.

Dramatic Dining

Painting everything a dark, blue-ish black is definitely a bold move, but somehow this space is more inviting than intimidating. Bright natural light and high ceilings are a must to pull off this gorgeous look.

The New Evergreen

Green and White Chef Kitchen With Tray

Green and White Chef Kitchen With Tray

Petite-frame barstools tuck neatly beneath the overhang of this kitchen island. Their wood-and-metal construction is a handsome contrast to the island's dark green.

Photo by: Allison Corona Photography

Allison Corona Photography

I’ve seriously been eyeing a dark emerald hue for my own kitchen update. Deep navy-infused greens feel more sophisticated than the traditional forest lodge shade. Black hardware and white upper cabinetry keep the room from feeling too heavy.

Go All In

Blue and White Transitional Kitchen With Gold Pendants

Blue and White Transitional Kitchen With Gold Pendants

This charming kitchen sparkles with pretty color pairings (love the pinks and reds of the rug and the blue-gray cabinets) pulled together by a trio of gold pendants above the island. Clean-lined barstools are the perfect friendly and so-stylish finishing touch.

Photo by: Kimberly Gavin

Kimberly Gavin

When dealing with both upper and lower cabinets, it’s often a question of should you only paint half or do you go all the way? This is proof that a full wash of dark sea foam is not overwhelming but inviting!

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Country Neutral Living Room With Exposed Beams

Above the living room, intricate exposed beams are a work of art in and of themselves. All along the room's back wall, windows show off spectacular mountain views.

Blue and White Transitional Kitchen With Gold Pendants

This charming kitchen sparkles with pretty color pairings (love the pinks and reds of the rug and the blue-gray cabinets) pulled together by a trio of gold pendants above the island. Clean-lined barstools are the perfect friendly and so-stylish finishing touch.

Neutral Country Dining Room With Blue Bench

For a fun twist on dining room seating, add a bench into the mix. Here, a navy blue leather one punches up this neutral space while staying in keeping with the casual country vibe.

Neutral Foyer With Dark Gray Front Door

A dark colored front door makes a stately opening statement, especially when paired with a light interior as seen in this foyer.

Photo By: Kimberly Gavin

Neutral Transitional Bedroom With Red Rug

For anyone who loves mixing patterns, this bedroom is an inspiration: Keeping the wildly different prints within a range of quiet neutrals—soft pinks, brown and gray—lets the look feel serene instead of jarring.

Neutral Spa Bathroom With Mosaic Tile Floor

This beautiful bathroom shimmers with cool elegance, thanks to silver-trimmed accents like the chandelier, sconces and drawer pulls. Underfoot, a mosaic tile floor adds texture and rich depth to the look.

Red and Gray Country Bedroom With Twin Beds

A riot of mismatched patterns and whimsical accessories add quirky personality to this bedroom. The somber window dressings help anchor the adventurous look.

Blue Country Bedroom With Pipe Bunk Bed

Classic country accents like the Hudson's Bay blankets mix with industrial elements like the pipe bunk bed for a look that's cheery and thoroughly modern. Rugs, like this rustic cowhide one, layered on top of carpeting can be a great way to add unique personality into a bedroom.

Cabin Patio With Mountain View

Take in Deer Valley's sweeping mountain views from the home's wraparound patio. There are seating areas and dining areas and lots of access to the inside to make shuttling refreshments in and out a breeze.

Tiled Texture

If you’re going for high impact, add in the texture with tile. The unexpected placement under the island bar makes for award-winning, restaurant-quality style at home. 

Minty Fresh

Pastel Kitchen

Pastel Kitchen

I don't think I've ever been so excited to walk into someone else's kitchen. The Blehm's family kitchen is full of new and innovative ideas. The soft mint-green cabinets were the first breath of fresh air. The color, formerly only used as complimentary, has made a comeback and has been reinvented as a neutral foundation color in unexpected spaces. That refreshing color coupled with classic white counters and marble backsplash feels simultaneously both nostalgic and brand new. The island lighting is a magnificent display of creativity. Angela Blehm upgraded three simple spheres by designing a custom cage constructed from white oak. It’s a one-of-a-kind solution and an amazing focal point for the kitchen. The natural texture of the wooden cage along with the cabinet pulls, adds just enough warmth to make the family's gathering spot feel even more approachable and inviting.

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza

Tomas Espinoza

This retro color takes an unexpected turn when paired with soft hexagonal tile and crisp wood accents. I love how the patterned backsplash makes the door to door mint seem fresh instead of outdated.

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Brave New World

Homeowner Angela Blehm went deliciously off-course in choosing a soft minty green for her kitchen cabinets in this distinctly hip Color Form kitchen.

Ombre Steps

The cool pastels of Color Form are on perfect display in artist, blogger and talented self-taught designer Angela Blehm's Georgia home.

Saturated Brights and Chalky Grays

Color is naturally a key component of the Color Form trend. Intense, pastel-based hues and chalky grays offer wonderful contrast to bright whites in this home.

Blue as a Base

A tranquil blue as a base color on walls, woodwork and curtains makes colors really pop in this girl's bedroom.

Graphic Interest

These playful canvases in a rainbow of hues exemplify the inventive Color Form vibe.

Mix of Hard and Soft

Funky pillows bring soft-but-sharp geometric forms to this Eighties-inspired playroom in blogger and artist Angela Blehm's Georgia home.

Natural Wood

The natural wood of the pendant cage is nicely set off by the more modern, matte finish of the kitchen cabinets in this perfect blend of Color Form elements.

Saturated Pastels and Tonal Neons

A clever mix of saturated colors brings the unexpected to this Georgia home and kick up the volume in this young girl's bedroom.

Natural and Manmade

Wood floors contrast beautifully with the curvy plastic chairs and modern touches in this Color Form dining room.

Fun Meets Sophistication

Homeowner Angela Blehm had her contractor contrast her custom-built mint green cabinets with the warm, modern contrast of wooden handles.

Modern Mix

A marble fireplace but in an edgier, contemporary style and a mix of modern and classic pieces define the Color Form trend.

Clean Lines

A lack of embellishment, slick surfaces, a minimum of fuss keep this kitchen cutting edge.

Color Guard

Saturated teal, cotton candy pink and a subdued sideboard create the ideal color balance in this cool, but still colorful hallway. White walls for art aren't your only option: coordinating wall color to an important piece of artwork is a great option shown here in this Color Form space.

Mod Meets Luxurious

Plenty of soft textures in plush rugs, faux fur and channel upholstery give this bedroom a feeling of luxury even while the furniture lines stay modern and cool.

Play Time

The tonal neon lamp shade and soft baby blue chest of drawers lend surprising sophistication to this boy's bedroom.

Two-Toned Hues

Complementary colors in a similar color palette are both daring and delicate in this gorgeous kitchen. The key to success is that the entire upper area is in the same color, including the window frames and doors, allowing the butcher block island to still stand strong in the scene.

The New Neutral

Who knew that we’d be swooning over taupe-ish greys? Once considered a blasé color of choice, I’m starting to see more of it pop in in homes, lending a cozy look when paired with brass and wood details. Zillow even named this blue-based neutral as the color of choice for kitchens in 2018.

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