Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertops

Engineered stone combines the beauty of natural stone with unmatched durability.

Bold Finishes

Quartz countertop reminiscent of exotic crocodile print transforms an island into a dramatic focal point. The surface is created using a cutting-edge embossing technique. Shown: Motivo, in Crocodile. Photo courtesy of Caesarstone - “The Original Quartz Surface”

Resilient Surfaces

Classic quartz countertop offers unmatched durability in a busy kitchen. The new color was inspired by cinnamon and ginger root. Shown: Caraway. Photo courtesy of Dupont Zodiaq®

Complementary Style

Versatile quartz countertops complement virtually any style. This sleek gray surface lends elegance to a wood island. Shown: Sterling Gray. Photo courtesy of HanStone Quartz

Elegant Hues

Smooth, cool quartz is ideal for baking centers as it keeps dough firm. This richly veined gray surface exudes elegance. Shown: Brentwood. Photo courtesy of Cambria

High-Tech Sanition

This stylish quartz countertop, featuring cool gray with flecks of color, is ideal for baking. The surface features built-in antimicrobial protection that deters bacteria, mold and mildew. Shown: Nuit Bleu. Photo courtesy of Cosentino Silestone

Authentic Natural Appearance

Virtually identical to natural stone, this engineered granite countertop is composed of granite, quartz and stone. The surface resists heat, staining, scratches and chemicals. Photo courtesy of Granite Transformations

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