Gardening Holiday Gift Guide

A holiday guide to great gardening products for all of the green thumb friends and family in your life.

Grow a Mushroom Garden

The California company Back to the Roots offers DIY types the opportunity to skip the foraging step, and just grow their own mushrooms -- up to 1 1/2 pounds of oyster mushrooms all inside a handy cardboard box in as little as 10 days. Endorsed by no less a foodie goddess than Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, this kit is a great learning opportunity for kids and a bonding activity for the whole family. (Image courtesy of Back to the Roots)(Image courtesy of Back to the Roots)

Lure Birds and Save the Planet

The sustainably-minded company Birds Choice uses recycled plastic and milk jugs, recrafting them into lovely birdhouses designed to attract the bird of your choice, in this case the jaunty, red-headed woodpecker.(Image courtesy of Birds Choice)

An Airport for Birds

This Thru-Feeder made from recycled material, allows a variety of birds to stop in for a nibble with an easily removable and cleaned seed tray. Comes with a lifetime guarantee not to crack, split or fade. (Image courtesy of Birds Choice)

Sitting Pretty Feeder

Have a penchant for up-close-and-personal birdwatching? This window mount feeder brings the birds right up to your window to eat, so you can just sit back and watch the feathered parade.(Image courtesy of Birds Choice)

Seed Tree

Lifestyle expert James Farmer loves birds and wreaths in equal measure, which is why the bird seed wreaths from Burpee are at the top of his wish list this season. (Image courtesy of Burpee)

This Snowman Won't Melt

These Burpee bird seed ornaments are available in snowman, Christmas tree, sunflower, sun face and traditional wreath varieties. Image courtesy of Burpee

Sunshine for Birds

Want to make the birds in your hood happy? Hook them up with this sweetly beaming bird seed ornament from Burpee. The fine folks at Burpee tell us they fly out the door every year, so get yours now. Image courtesy of Burpee

The Holiday Goes to the Birds

What says Christmas like providing food to those less fortunate? Keep those lovely birds who sing their hearts out for you, happy with a wreath made of birdseed they can pick at all winter long. Birdseed wreaths run from $14.95-$15.95. Image courtesy of Burpee

Flower Power

Tis the season to gift 20 pound books that express your giftee's devotion to all things botanical. Filmmaker and photographer Andrew Zuckerman's lavishly illustrated coffee table book features blooms so colorful and lush they become almost psychedelic. Image courtesy of Chronicle Books

Get Your Bloom On

Fashion designer Carolyne Roehm has a side passion as a photographer and this massive book features her twin love of design and botanicals. Beautifully arranged still lifes of daffodils, Meyer lemons and vases; gardens of blooming lilacs; ballgown pouffs of peonies, all convey the majesty of nature. Image courtesy of Random House

Green Under Glass

Terrariums are the perfect hostess gift because they're something people covet but will rarely buy for themselves. At Garden in Atlanta, Georgia owner and landscape expert Matthew Klyn makes his with a mixture of succulents including echeveria, sedum, pencil cactus and hens and chicks and they're decorated for the holidays with small ornaments, snow, red and green pebbles and birch cut-outs. $40-$400. Image courtesy of Garden

Yard Art

This garden sculpture keeps springtime alive all year long. Created by California artist Susan Regent, the steel iris is just over two feet high and will adopt a rust patina after it spends a few seasons in the elements. $135.95. Image courtesy of The Growers Exchange

Keep Your Best Friend Cozy

Why should those who walk upright have all of the sartorial fun? Outfit your dog in a cozy fleece vest and you may find him fetching your slippers with more of a spring in his step. Leave it to the outdoorsy folks at Orvis to make sure even Fido is covered in the winter gear department. Image courtesy of Orvis

Winter Blooms

Nothing is quite as emblematic of the promise of spring like the hopeful ivory blossoms of paperwhites. Beautifully presented in a sea-grass basket, these paperwhites will bloom in about six weeks. Image courtesy of Orvis

Honey-Do Lease

Our go-to gift for the gardener who has every gadget under the sun, this honey hive lease lets the bees do the work and the recipient reap the rewards! Lease options include early summer, late summer or a single flavor lease that lets you choose between blueberry (harvested in Maine), raspberry (harvested in Vermont), wildflower (harvested in the Catskills) or cranberry honey, which is harvested on Cape Cod. Recipients receive a lease document, three progress reports and a minimum of 30 ounces of 100% natural honey delivered to their door. $39.95-$59.95. Image courtesy of Rent Mother Nature

Herb in a Box

We love the smart, sleek design of this grow pot, which looks great on any shelf long before the basil starts to sprout. Made of sustainable bamboo, the top converts into a drainage saucer. $20. Image courtesy of Spoon Sisters

Gardening Go Guide

Destined to be displayed proudly on any gardener's bookshelf, Trowel & Error is more than an adorable play on words. This handy guide offers up more than 700 inventive tips like how to use spoiled milk on sick plants and why baby powder keeps hungry rabbits at bay. $13.95. Image courtesy of Spoon Sisters

Garden Apron

Skip the basket to gather your veggies and instead don a gorgeous linen apron. Scoop up those baby eggplants and heirloom tomatoes in this pretty garment designed by blogger-turned-designer Valerie Rice. Image courtesy of Valerie Rice

Herbal Circle of Life

Dried dill, savory, marjoram, sage, lavender and fresh rosemary is harvested by hand on a family-owned farm and shaped into this lush and lovely wreath, which looks just as good as it smells. $69. Image courtesy of Viva Terra

Flower Footsies

Mums are one of the most fleeting flowers of fall, but they're in season year round thanks to these stylish slippers. Crafted of felted wool from a group of women in Kathmandu, these blooms will brighten up even the coldest winter day. $75. Image courtesy of Viva Terra

Mod Pod

Want to bring a little hip to your garden? Stake one of these vibrantly colored and super-cool planters in powder-coated aluminum from California husband and wife designers Wallter in your garden for some mid-century pop. Image courtesy of Wallter

Hipster Planters

At $92 each, these powder-coated aluminum planters aren't cheap, but if a design-savvy gardener in your life is looking to add some color and cool to their green space, these whimsical planters from Wallter are just the ticket. Image courtesy of Wallter

Task Master

Every garden chore becomes a little sweeter with a well-designed tool. These clever cross-hatched tools from West Elm are both stylish and functional. Image courtesy of West Elm

It's Ornamental

Air plants with their unique growing habit, deserve a vessel that does them justice. These whimical glass orbs from West Elm are an appropriate showcase for your ethereal plants. Image courtesy of West Elm

Making it Rain

Elegant in its simplicity, this white galvanized watering can brings a dash of farmhouse chic to your tasks. $16-$29.Image courtesy of West Elm

Basket Case

Every gardener yearns for an organizing device to keep all of the tools of the trade close at hand. This tool basket is a charming solution in rattan with a removable canvas liner you can wash when things get messy. $39.95. Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma


If you love your chickens, you'll want to give them a home with some style. This one has not only a built-in run, but an attached planter to grow some herbs or tomatoes and add a bit of green to the old homestead. Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Hot Off the Presses

Anxious to gift your favorite DIY homesteader with something unique they'll really use? We think this wine and cider press promises seasons full of crisp apple cider and sparkling vino created in this centuries-old design. Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Dairy Queen

Cut that expensive grocery store middle man out of your life, and DIY your own butter. This clever kit shows you how to whip up some rich, creamy butter to grace your homemade bisquits. Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Grow Up, Already

A free-standing vertical garden turns a kitchen or a living room into a wall of green wonder. Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma.

Bin Sprouts

Coax darling little seedlings into life in this galvanized seedling tray that would look just right on a kitchen counter or windowsill. Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Go Cart

What better way to tote your plants hither and yon than this mobile-chic cart with two layers and a fun industrial look? Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma

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