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The 10 Most Irish Cities in America

March 15, 2022

Sure, everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day. But we have the definitive list of the cities where you can find the most Irish pubs, celebrations and people with Irish heritage. See if your city is among them.

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The Most Irish Cities in America

The lawn care-service company Lawnstarter looked at the 200 biggest American cities based on the size of their Irish population, access to Irish restaurants and pubs, the number of St. Patrick’s Day and other Irish cultural events and the number of Irish cultural groups and organizations (such as Irish dance schools, cultural centers and networking associations) to come up with the most Irish cities in America. Count down with us as we find out the places you are most likely to get a solid corned beef and cabbage and encounter freckled redheads.

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10. Worcester, Massachusetts

In Worcester, 14.6% of the city's population claim Irish ancestry.

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Photo: Visit Syracuse

9. Syracuse, New York

Maybe it is that familiar, frigid weather that makes Syracuse, New York, a hub for Irish-Americans.

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8. Spokane

Right after Naperville, Illinois, Spokane has the highest share of Irish population of American cities.

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