12 Super-Luxe Laundry Items That Celebs Probably Have

Just imagine for a moment that money is no object, you're super famous and you have a posh closet that's big enough to fit a chaise lounge. In this fantasy world, we're guessing that all of your laundry accouterments would be as luxe as these splurge-worthy picks.

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February 11, 2018

Gorgeously Scented Detergent

Le Labo makes intoxicating, bespoke fragrances that so many stylish and creative people are already addicted to. And now, you can even get your clothes washed with Le Labo scents. Through this collab with The Laundress, they offer two variations: Santal 33 and Rose. If the price scares you, try using the detergent only for your linens or hand-wash items.

Chic Laundry Bags

Even your dirty laundry deserves an upgrade. Pick up some of these linen laundry bags and use a different color for each member of your family. Or you could separate colors, whites and delicates by putting them each in a different linen laundry bag.

The Nicest Hamper Ever

Does anyone actually need an $800 hamper? Don't answer that. Because after you see this baby, you might just change your mind. This sleek, sexy, stainless-steel hamper would definitely become the showpiece in your bathroom.

At-Home Dry Cleaning

Celebs don't have time to actually go to the dry cleaners. Instead, they can just do it at home with this handy machine from LG. This home clothing care system can steam up to 11.5 pounds of clothes at once and in the process remove odors and allergens from it all.

Crisp Sheets Forever

Sure, you could iron your sheets and pillowcases every time you wash them, but that's no fun. Instead, you could snap yourself up one of these rotary irons and switch to a strict crisp sheet only household.

This Iron Doesn't Fool Around

This substantial iron isn't just an iron; it's actually both an iron and a steamer. The iron heats up in two minutes, and because of its unique design, it has unlimited ironing time. You can blow through a pile of wrinkled clothes in no time flat.

Perfume For Your Sheets

Jo Malone is another beloved British fragrance company that you may know through their beautiful candles or colognes. They've created a fantastic linen spray that you can use on your towels, sheets and even your curtains. Two scents are available: Lino Nel Vento (a crisp and sultry scent) and Acqua di Limone (a fresh citrus scent).

Protect Your Denim

So, you just throw your jeans in the washer? Apparently, no. Turns out, you should only be washing your denim with carefully formulated "denim wash." This denim wash combines detergent, fabric conditioner and color guard all in one to protect your jeans and keep them looking brand new.

Luxe Lingerie Bag

Natori is known for making stylish, sexy lingerie. But once you've invested in your pieces, where should you keep them? This lovely, silk lingerie bag will keep your unmentionables in perfect condition. You can also use it when you travel to keep things neat in your luggage.

Brush Your Sweater

Caring for your hand-wash clothing and linens is no easy task. Use a brush like this to keep your items in tip-top condition. You can use this brush on both your clothes and upholstery instead of a lint roller to remove hair and fuzz. But you can also use it to remove pills from your cashmere sweaters.

Say Goodbye to Dryer Sheets

Most of us have heard of dryer sheets, but have you ever heard of dryer balls? Use these wool balls in your dryer and you'll never have to use another dryer sheet again. While they can be loud rolling around in your dryer, they're eco-friendly and naturally soften your clothing with no chemicals (which is perfect for those with sensitive skin or babies).

Celebrate Luxe Laundry

You might as well make your whole house smell like laundry. This fresh-smelling candle combines lily of the valley, rose, violet, white musk and wood to leave your home smelling like a fresh stack of warm towels.

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