12 Amazing Craft Room Organization Ideas

HGTV Magazine was awed by one reader's impressively organized craft room. Luckily, this DIYer's ideas are easy to copy!
By: Jaimie Dalessio Clayton

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

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Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

From Bedroom to Craft Room Heaven

After 10 years of crafting at a folding table in her Mather, CA, garage, Regina Easter finally got a room of her own when her oldest son left for college and she converted his bedroom into her dream studio. She ripped up the carpet in the 14-foot-by-14-foot room and replaced it with hardwood floors, then painted the walls Mint Whisper by Valspar.

Creating A Dream Craft Room

Next, Regina filled boxes, baskets, and jars with all the supplies she could ever need, from paper punches to pushpins, and organized them on shelves and in cabinets. Even if you don't have a room dedicated to DIY, you’re bound to find some crafty ideas for storing and sorting in this space.

Organize Ribbon by Color in Drawers

Ribbons wrapped around pieces of cardboard take up less space than spools. A heart sticker on each drawer front corresponds with the ribbon color inside.

Put Paper in Magazine Holders

Stacks of letter-size colored paper look neat in white magazine holders from IKEA.

Store Leftover Ribbon in Jars

Ribbon pieces that are shorter than a yard and a half go in 8-inch glass jars from World Market and are organized by color. Regina wraps them around wood doll pins from Hobby Lobby and secures each piece with a rubber band.

Sort Buttons Two Ways

There’s never any fishing around for the right button—Regina’s supply is separated by size and color. She keeps bigger buttons in 5-inch jars from crafts stores. Smaller ones and other tiny trinkets go in 3-inch spice jars.

Use a Kitchen Island as a Crafts Table

The 50-inch-by-31-inch IKEA island has two shelves for storage. To protect the wood top, Regina keeps it covered with a fresh sheet of butcher paper taped across the work space.

Make a Rubber Stamp Display

To quickly find stamps, Regina stores wood blocks with their pictures facing out on CD shelves from amazon.com.

Set Up Scrapbook Paper Like Stores Do

Sheets of 12-inch-by-12-inch scrapbook paper are separated by color in cubbies. Six stacks fit in each cubby, thanks to clear plastic stacking trays from amazon.com.

Turn a Door Into a Wrapping Center

An over-the-door Elfa organizer from The Container Store keeps gift wrap, tissue paper, and gift bags from cluttering up the closet.

Create a Sewing Station

Instead of burying spools of thread in a basket, Regina hung a fabric-store thread rack (June Tailor Mega-Rak II, $50, joann.com) on the wall for easy access. Piles of folded fabrics and spools of lace sit on shelves near the thread rack.

Make Your Own Storage

This spinning caddy is actually built of a lazy Susan, cake pans, and candlesticks hot-glued together. To keep baker’s twine from tangling, Regina drilled a hole into each metal jar lid so one end of the twine can poke out.

Designate a Glitter Spot

Tiered makeup holders from a beauty supply store keep glitter in order inside a drawer. The vials are lined up tightly so they don't roll around.

Corral Rolls of Tape

A vintage silverware carrier is the perfect size for washi tape. Regina spray-painted it light blue and filled it with an assortment of styles and sizes.

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