9 Pin-Worthy Jewelry Storage Ideas

Keep your jewelry organized, accessible and tangle-free with these stylish, creative solutions.
By: Robin Anders

Photo By: Shoshana Gosselin; Love Your Room

Photo By: Melissa Danaceau; Black Dog Warehouse

Photo By: Aston Design Studio; photo by: Miro Dvorscak

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Vase Forward

Transform a collection of monochromatic vases and jars into stately jewel catchers. Vary the containers' shapes and widths to display anything from rings to necklaces.

Rustic Appeal

Give a plank of reclaimed pallet wood new life with a few silver nails and a handful of distinctive drawer pulls. The wood's natural weathering provides a rustic backdrop for sparkly bracelets and necklaces.

Best Medicine

Sometimes a little sparkle is just what the doctor ordered. Outfit your medicine cabinet with pegs to provide the perfect place to hide your jewels and keep them organized.

Dish It Out

Place your baubles in bowls and saucers, and you’ll never again wonder where that other earring is hiding.

Frame Worthy

Think your gems are picture perfect? Remodel a frame to show off your works of art. Board up a frame back, add a few eyehooks and attach a homemade drawer (this one's made from scrap molding) to show off your adornments.

Window Treatment

Cache your stash and add architectural interest to your dressing room with a reclaimed wood shutter. Prop it against a bare wall as a one-of-a-kind ledge for colorful earrings.

Branching Out

Money may not grow on trees, but jewelry certainly can make branches beautiful. With an interesting vessel and a few branches, you can display your necklaces and keep them tangle-free.

Heavy Metal

Big, clunky necklaces and rings need hooks that can stand up to your jewelry's heft. Convert a coat rack or hanging hooks into a clever catchall for your favorite ornamentation.

Farm to Jewelry Box

Old lawn tools find new life when draped with colorful necklaces. Tie a string across the top for the perfect earring display.

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