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20 Clever Holiday Decor Storage Hacks

By: Caren Baginski

Don't let tangled lights and disorderly ornaments dampen your holiday spirit. Give yourself the gift of organized holiday decor with these creative and budget-friendly storage solutions.

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Photo: Laura Russell

Apples to Ornaments

Forgo an expensive, compartmentalized ornament box by stashing round ornaments in plastic apple containers. Blogger Laura Russell of Make Life Lovely says they take up less space than the ornaments' original boxes and are a great way to reuse plastic that otherwise gets tossed.

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Photo: Laura Russell

Eggs-celent Ornament Storage

Tiny round ornaments fit perfectly in reusable egg cartons. With this clever idea, you can save your cartons from the trash and prevent your precious ornaments from breaking.

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Beverage Tray Upcycle

Don't toss those beverage trays from your next coffee or fast food run. They make great homes for fragile ornaments, and since they’re meant for carrying, they’re also very handy when decorating the tree.

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Photo: Jill Nystul

DIY Holiday Ornament Box

Ornament organizers can be pricey, but not if you go this DIY route from Jill Nystul of One Good Thing By Jillee. All you need is a plastic bin, red plastic cups, cardboard and a glue gun. Cut cardboard to fit inside the bin, glue on plastic cups, drop ornaments into cups and voila! An inexpensive and clever ornament solution.

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