Gift Wrapping Ideas Straight from the Garden

Give beautifully wrapped gifts this holiday season by using plants from your backyard for ribbons and bows.

Garden Gifts

These gift wrapping ideas are all relatively easy to do and all include natural elements you can likely find in your garden or yard. Most of our examples build on a simple base of white paper, but many would also work well with other colors. Try a tan paper to accent the natural look or a red paper to make a green decoration pop.

Dried Beauties

Winter is the perfect time to find dried plants and gift wrapping is a wonderful way to use them! Look for dried stems, twigs or flowers and arrange them in a radiating circle. Glue them together at the center and top with a thread "flower" to add a few soft curves to the stiff lines.

Flowers and Leaves

This stunning hibiscus blossom is the perfect centerpiece for this package. Accent a beautiful blossom of your choice by adding circles cut from leaves. You can free hand the circles, or trace a cup to make sure they are perfectly round.

Delicate Petals

Decorate your gift with flower petals for beautiful color and interesting shapes. Use a needle to thread the petals onto a string. If your petals tear easily coat them with mod podge or something similar to strengthen them. Wrap the threaded petals around the gift like a ribbon. Attach the center of the flower, or use a new flower where the petals cross for a beautiful final touch.

Leaves and Circles

Create this graphic look by cutting leaves into circles. You can eyeball it or trace a plate or cup to be sure your circles are perfect. Tie them to the package by crisscrossing string back and forth across them to create the illusion that the circles are being cut into pieces.

Wrapped in Leaves

Want to take the natural look all the way? Wrap your gift in leaves instead of paper. You will need large ones fresh off the tree so they are still flexible. Glue or tape them into a single sheet and then use like regular gift wrap for a stunning package.

Magical Moss

Moss can be stunningly beautiful, so why not harness some of nature's amazing colors and textures for your gift wrapping? Choose twigs and small branches covered in a variety of colored moss. Arrange on your gift and attach by tightly winding string around the twigs and box. Let the string cross over itself in different places to combine the straight, clean lines of the packaging with the organic moss.

Palm Leaf Bow

Use palm leaves or other long, flexible leaves to create this beautiful green bow. Hold one end of the leaf and bend the other end over to meet it to create your first loop. Secure with quick drying glue, needle and thread or floral wire. Continue to adding leaves, looping them and securing them until you have a complete circle. Attach to your gift using glue or tie on with string.

Pinecone Stars

Incorporate pinecones into your gift wrapping in a unique way by using individual scales. Pull 5 scales off the main body of the pinecone, arrange in a star shape and glue at the center.

A Bit of Beach

Headed to the beach this Christmas, or maybe just wish you were? Add a touch of the ocean by gluing a few seashells to your package. Add a touch of greenery for softness and wrap a single piece of string around the package like a horizon line.

Mini Wreaths

Twist long pieces of grass into delicate, miniature wreaths by wrapping a piece in a circle and twisting it around itself. Space them out neatly across your package and attach using string tied in delicate bows.

Budding Lines

Take a series of budding stems, preferably dried, and arrange them from tallest to shortest. Trim the ends if necessary so that they do not stick out beyond the edge of your gift and get progressively smaller. Tie onto the box using thread that radiates out from a single point, getting wider as it reaches the largest stem.

Simple Vines

Add a striking accent to your gift by wrapping a vine around your package. Secure the vine with string, crisscrossing it more densely on one end of the package than the other.

Woven Wreath

Choose a handful of long, flexible reeds, vines, grasses or other plant of your choice. Bend one into a circle, then add another, twisting them together. Continue to add pieces by twisting and tucking them around the circle until your wreath is the thickness you want. Attach to your gift using string tied at each side of the box.

Seedpod Polka Dots

Create an all natural pattern of polka dots by gluing dried round seed pods onto the top and sides of your package. The natural texture and color create a beautiful contrast against a stark white background, but if you're feeling adventurous try painting the pods silver, gold or your favorite color.

Evergreen and Fuchsia

This packaging adds a bit of a twist to the traditional green and red Christmas colors. The bright fuchsia bougainvillea blossom is the perfect stunning accent to a bunch of evergreen branches.

Gift Tags

In a rush and don't have time to wrap a whole gift? Most of these gift wrapping ideas and be used in smaller versions on gift tags. Cut a stiff piece of paper and punch a hole at the top. Add some round leaves, mini wreath, pinecone star or any other small natural element. Write a quick note and tie to a gift bag to add an easy, personal touch to any gift.

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