Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Want to make your gifts always stand out? See how you can creatively gift-wrap for any baby shower, Christmas, birthday or special occasion.
By: Hilary Johnson

Tied Up in a Knot

If you're looking for a creative way to wrap your Father's Day gift, take an old shirt and tie like these gifts from blogger Design Dump. Simply cut up the clothing of your choice to an appropriate size. Then glue or staple the pieces to a paper-mache box as you please. It becomes a perfectly tailored suit for a fun display. Photo courtesy of My Design Dump

A Present Within a Present

Have a little fun with a DIY gift-wrapping for a child's birthday. This Lego look-alike from Sharp Studio would grab the attention of any kid with its fire-engine red color and playful appearance. Photo courtesy of Sharp Studio

Have a Spare Tissue?

Do you ever find yourself with packs of tissue paper but not gift bags? Here's a way to use all of that spare tissue paper in a fun, creative, DIY way. Blogger Essimar layered different colors of tissue paper for a simple yet eye-catching look. Photo courtesy of Essimar

Adorable Boxed Treasures

For an assortment of smaller gifts, keep them all together in a wooden box like this one from blogger My Design Dump. These cases are usually only a few dollars from a craft store. Fill it up with filler grass and organize the individual gifts for a completely aesthetic presentation. Photo courtesy of My Design Dump

Make It a Piece of Art

If you're the creative type, share something special by designing original art and showcasing it on top of the wrapped gift like this one from blogger Essimar. It'll be a present to remember, and hopefully the person receiving the gift will want to keep it as a way to remember that special day. Photo courtesy of Essimar

It "Felt" Love

Using felt is a cheap way to make your gift gorgeous. Like these felt roses by blogger My Design Dump show, even a plain brown box can be dressed up to look organically beautiful. Or, grab brighter colors and have fun with your design. Wrapping a gift like this could work for any occasion. Photo courtesy of My Design Dump

Rolls of Fun

For odd-shaped or tubular presents, try the Tootsie Roll twist. Depending on the fabric you choose, you can make this gift fit any occasion and stand out, too. Then, with two short strings, you can tie simple bows around the ends and voila! — you're set for that birthday, wedding or baby shower. Photo courtesy of Sharp Studio

Get Tape Happy

Here's a way to get out your creativity with colorful tape. The Japanese Washi tape used on this package by blogger Essimar gives a dull package a cheerful, layered appearance. Photo courtesy of Essimar

Simply Tiered Tins

Like a three-level cake, stacking gifts one on top of the other gives your package height and professional appeal. If you hand a gift to a friend packaged like these tiered tins from blogger Sharp Studio, they might believe the store wrapped it up all nice. Keep everything together with a dramatically draping bow like this champagne-colored satin. Photo courtesy of Sharp Studio

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