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10 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Go beyond the typical bow, try one of these unique and totally fun ways to wrap a gift. 

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Dinosaur Packages

Give a gift card in style with these adorable toy dinosaurs. Start with a small plastic toy, feel free to paint or embellish. Next wrap the gift card box. Attach box to toy with a bit of hot glue and some decorative yarn or bakers twine.

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Krafty Christmas

Kraft paper won’t stay brown for long once you raid the craft drawer and get creative. Decorative ribbons, small handpainted ornaments and yarn all take kraft paper to the next level of holiday wrapping.

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Christmas in a Cone

Cones as gift holders are an older tradition. Bring them back with an updated version using funky scrapbooking paper and embellishments. Fill with small gifts and hang from the mantle or backs of chairs.

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Christmas Crackers

Usually Christmas crackers are made of paper, some go boom, but all our filled with tiny treats and toys. Instead of paper trying making crackers out of craft felt wrapped around spent toilet paper rolls.

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