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12 Creative Ways to Give the Gift of Cash

Cash is the easiest gift to give — and something no one will say N-O to — but how do you wrap such an easy gift? Check out some of our picks for creative cash and gift card wrapping ideas for any occasion.

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Photo: Emily Fazio

Frame It

Place the bills in a picture frame that the recipient can display as decor. Any frame will do, but a shadowbox or gallery frame allows you to display multiple bills.

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Photo: Magnif

Challenge Your Friends and Family

The Money Maze Gift Box is the perfect gift for a teen, student or graduate. How do I know? I had one. I loved it, and the challenge made me appreciate that crisp bill so much more. Slip the bill inside the maze and know that you're delivering a gift that entertains.

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Photo: Emily Fazio

Best Balloon Pop Ever

Roll up bills and place them, along with confetti, into a balloon before inflating it with helium. The shower of money that they'll get upon popping it will make it a celebration they won't soon forget.

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Photo: Jason Kisner

Accessorize an Ornament

An ornament is already a perfect gift idea for the holiday season, but take it up a notch with the addition of a rolled up bill inside the top opening. Tape or tie the bill tightly, so it's easy to remove from the ornament.

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