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DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece: A Giving Tree

A tree that celebrates giving and being thankful is a special treat for guests and family this holiday.
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A Giving Tree

Invite guests around your Thanksgiving table to share what they are thankful for and what they would like to give to others in the upcoming year. Supply List: crafting pumpkin/knife/drill/newspaper/tree branch/scrapbooking paper/hole punch/scissors/twine/hot glue gun/markers/moss/acorns/small plants

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Glue for Stability

Hot glue the branch to the bottom of the pumpkin.

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Add Dirt

Help to stabilize the pumpkin and branch by filling your pumpkin with potting soil.

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Plant Your Pumpkin

Plant the pumpkin with small plants and cover any visible soil with moss. Top the moss with acorns and fresh fallen leaves to mimic the forest floor.

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