50 Thanksgiving Kids' Crafts

Keep your kiddos happily crafting in the weeks leading up to the holiday and during your Turkey Day get-together with our fun Thanksgiving kids' craft ideas.

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Make Playful Place Cards/Party Favors

Kids will have as much fun crafting these cute place cards as they will devouring their sweet contents. Our free printable template makes assembly a snap. Ready to make your own? Just follow our tutorial, below.

Get the How-To: Thanksgiving Place Card and Party Favor

Repurpose Paper Straws

Our free printable template, paper straws and twine are all you need for this easy craft project that's fun for kids of all ages.

Get the How-To: Thanksgiving Kids' Craft: Paper Straw Necklaces

Assemble Woodsy Sweet Treats

No, those aren't toadstools, they're actually no-bake cookies cleverly disguised as the forest fungus. Package them as favors or add them to the kids' table to delight your littlest Turkey Day guests.

Get the Recipe: No-Bake Mini Toadstool Treats

Have Fun With Word Games

Download our free printable games — Thanksgiving Word Search and Thanksgiving Word Scramble — to keep school-age kids happily occupied while adults linger over a post-Turkey Day coffee, hot toddy or dessert cocktail.

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Set an Interactive Kids' Table

Give kids a space of their own this Thanksgiving with our creative ideas for setting up a crafty table that encourages fun and festivities.

Get the How-To: Set a Turkey-Tastic Thanksgiving Kids' Table

And, Sweeten Their Space

Make the kids' table a little sweeter with treats they can dig into at will and fun favors.

Learn More: Setting Up the Perfect Thanksgiving Table for Kids

No-Bake Owl Snack Cakes

Whoooo's the cutest?! These tasty treats are easy to assemble from storebought goodies and will add a fun woodland feel to your kids' table or dessert buffet.

Get the Recipe: No-Bake Owl Snack Cakes

Scare Up a Scarecrow

Reversible with a jaunty snowman on the opposite side, this friendly front door greeter can be left out thru winter, adding a little character to your front porch till spring.

Get the How-To: Snowman + Scarecrow: Two-in-One Front Porch Decor

Play With Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins aren't just adorable, they're also just the right size to use as game pieces on an oversized tic-tac-toe board. Just use washi tape to mark off the board, pick your pumpkins, then get your game on.

Craft a Paper Leaf Centerpiece

Take the kids for a stroll outdoors to gather bare branches to fill with colorful card stock leaves for this easy Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Get the How-To: Easy-to-Craft Fall Leaf Centerpiece

Or, Make It a Thankful Tree

After the meal, invite family and friends to enjoy the notes of thanks, reading through them and reflecting on what each person is thankful for. Allow guests to take their leaves home as a favor or date and keep them till next year. To keep the thankful tree going as a tradition, bring it out each year so everyone can add new leaves and remember how many blessings they have in their lives.

Get the How-To: New Thanksgiving Tradition: Create a Thankful Tree

Craft Up a Gaggle of Edible Centerpieces

For most families, setting up a separate kids' table is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and pumpkin pie. When setting up their table, don't forget the centerpiece — fill vases with sweet, savory or healthy snacks to keep your littlest guests happily munching.

Get the How-To: 3 Thanksgiving Kids' Table Centerpieces They're Sure to Gobble Up

Or, Whip Up Chocolate Hedgehogs

Almost too cute to eat, kids of all ages will love helping make these chocolate-dipped cuties. Using prepackaged crispy rice treats will help keep the focus on the fun part — decorating!

Get the Recipe: Woodland-Inspired Treats: Chocolate Hedgehogs

Inspire Their Inner Chef

Kids love desserts and they also love to help out in the kitchen. Help them grow their culinary skills by whipping up one of our favorite fall-inspired dessert recipes together.

See More Photos: 50 Irresistible Fall Desserts

Construct a Cute Turkey

Just a little adult prep and basic craft supplies are all you need to keep kids busy for hours creating these cute turkey decorations.

Get the How-To: Thanksgiving Kids' Craft: Foam Turkeys

Feed Our Feathered Friends

In many parts of the country, food scarcity for birds increases in the fall. Teach kids a lesson about caring for Mother Nature while crafting a handy feeder that will allow you to sneak a peek at both migratory and resident bird species.

Get the How-To: Use Gourds to Make a Natural Bird Feeder

Craft a Veggie Vase

Get older kids' help to hollow out a butternut squash, then fill with fresh flowers for a creative seasonal centerpiece. Tip: Waste not; want not: Cube the removed squash and roast in the oven for a healthy side dish.

Get the How-To: Turn a Butternut Squash Into a Fall Centerpiece

Or, an Edible Cornucopia

A centerpiece you can eat? Yes, please! Kids will love helping you turn refrigerated bread dough, aluminum foil and a single egg into a beautiful bread cornucopia filled with sweet and savory treats.

Get the How-To: Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece: Make a Bread Cornucopia

Whip Up Chocolate-Dipped Deer Cookies

Give your littlest Thanksgiving guests a real treat with these adorable deer cookies that can be made using either homemade or storebought shortbread as the cookie base.

Get the Recipe: Holidays Made Easy: Delish Deer Cookies

Or, Turn Apple Slices Into Pretty Pops

Kiddos will love this rainbow-hued treat that uses leftover Halloween candy to decorate white-chocolate-dipped apple slices. Slide them into a plastic treat bag as a take-home favor or make them on Turkey-Day as a post-lunch activity.

Get the Recipe: Halloween Dessert: Candy-Covered Apple Pops

Forage a Fall Wreath

Take the kiddos for a walk though the woods (or your own backyard) to gather most of the materials you need to craft this fall-tastic wreath.

Get the How-To: Forage a Wreath for Fall

Or, Pinecones for Place Settings

Kids, big and small, will get a kick out of helping you set and decorate the adults' table — especially when they get to help by scouring the backyard for pinecones to paint and place at each guests' place. Older kids can also show off their calligraphy skills by filling in one of our free printable place cards. Get more free Thanksgiving printables, below.

Learn More: 31 Printable (and Free!) Thanksgiving Templates

Set Up a Snack-Mix Station

Save kids from hunger and boredom while waiting on Thanksgiving dinner by setting up a fun snack-mix station where they can help themselves to a custom sweet-and-salty creation topped by their own artwork. Kids can munch on their custom mix during the Thanksgiving festivities or take their container home as a party favor.

Get the How-To: Set Up a Thanksgiving Snack Mix Station for Kids

Embellish To-Go Cartons

Keep the littlest Thanksgiving guests happily occupied with this fun craft that allows them to personalize favor cups they can then fill with a custom sweet-and-salty snack mix.

Get the How-To: Thanksgiving Kids' Craft: Fingerprint Turkey

Make Turkey Cupcakes

Seriously, how cute is this little turkey — don't you just wanna gobble him up? Yeah, me too, and so will your littlest Thanksgiving guests. Bake cupcakes the day before and have icing and small bowls of candy prepped so kids can start decorating their cupcakes as soon as the festivities begin.

Get the How-To: Thanksgiving Kids' Craft: Turkey Cupcakes

Or, a Gourd-Geous Gobbler

Easily turn a gourd, pipe cleaners and felt sheets into a cute character for your Thanksgiving table. Get crafting with the step-by-step instructions, below, from our friends at HGTV Magazine.

Get the How-To: DIY Turkey Gourd Craft

Be Inspired by Mother Nature

Put kids' natural love of scavenging outdoors to work. Have them hunt for acorn caps, then attach them to a basic napkin ring (check your local dollar store) for a cheap-meets-chic finishing touch to your Thanksgiving table. Bonus: Learn how to make the magnolia leaf charger shown here, below.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Magnolia Leaf Charger

Gather Backyard Blooms

Enlist kids' help in cutting backyard flowers to create a centerpiece for the adults' table. Arranging flowers is easy and they'll be so proud to show off their handiwork. Tip: Cut flowers early in the morning when the air and ground temps are cooler and plants are least stressed. And, be sure to place the cut blooms directly into a bucket of water to prevent any moisture loss. When arranging, re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle before placing into a vase with added floral preservative.

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Turn Fall Leaves Into Art

What's more fun than taking the kids for a nature hike on a warm fall day? While you're out, have them search for the prettiest fall leaves you can frame, then include them in a wall grouping with printed seasonal sayings. See more easy ways to deck out your walls using fall leaves, below.

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Or, a Falling Leaf Centerpiece

Get kids to help you beautifully bring the outdoors in by tying real or faux fall leaves onto fishing line. Attach the leaf streamers to the ceiling or light fixture above your dining table to recreate the effect of falling leaves.

Get the How-To: Dress Up Your Autumn Table With Fall Leaves

Dress Up Leftover Halloween Pumpkins

Give faux or fresh pumpkins a chic fall makeover with vertical bands of pretty patterned ribbon — no carving required.

Get the How-To: Easily Embellish Pumpkins With Ribbon

Or, Make Pumpkins Out of Posts

With just a little help from a saw-savvy adult, kids can turn a 4x4 wooden post into a trio of colorful pumpkins you can display year after year.

Get the How-To: 3 Pumpkin Projects That Will Outlast the Season

Hand-Stamp Festive Fall Leaf Napkins

Let's face it: A plain white napkin just won't do for a nice holiday dinner. But instead of dropping big bucks on a new set, send the kids outside to hunt for the perfect fallen leaves to stamp seasonal flair onto basic linens. Your guests will love the handmade touch and little ones will be proud to set the table with their DIY creations.

GET THE HOW-TO: Make Holiday-Ready Leaf Print Napkins

Have Some Good Clean Fun

Get the kiddos to help you whip up a batch of scented fall leaf soaps you can then use to freshen up the guest bath or package up as festive favors.

Get the How-To: How to Make Scented Autumn Leaf Soaps

Stack a Pumpkin Topiary

Just a few materials and less than 30 minutes are all you and the kids need to create an elegant pumpkin topiary that will last throughout the fall season.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Pumpkin Topiary

Or, Make Mini Pumpkin Planters

This mini pumpkin vase project is a fun way to get little gardeners planting. Use the finished planters to mark each place at a fall dinner party or send Thanksgiving guests home with a sweet succulent favor.

GET THE HOW-TO: Make Mini Pumpkins Into Fall Succulent Planters

Make a Chain of Thanks

Turn giving thanks into a game. Print out our free template, attach to twine and ask your guests to anonymously write down what they're thankful for, then take turns reading the sentiments aloud during dinner and guessing who wrote them.

Get the How-To: Make a Chain of Thanks for Thanksgiving

Let Them Color Their Own Place Cards

What better way to show everyone to their seats than with personalized place cards? To keep things simple, print out our free pumpkin and turkey templates, pass out the crayons and let the kids color to their hearts' content.

SEE MORE: How to Make Customizable Thanksgiving Place Cards

Or, Craft Place Cards From Real Leaves

Enlist the kids to help decorate your Thanksgiving table with this pretty DIY. Scour the backyard for a collection of perfectly shaped leaves, then trace them (stems included) onto brown, red, yellow or orange paper. Cut them out, then write guests’ names on the paper leaves with a metallic paint pen. Put the finished place cards directly on guests' plates or tie ribbons around folded napkins, and tuck a leaf under each bow.

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Use Yarn to Decorate Faux Pumpkins

Let the kids shop your leftover yarn stash to upgrade faux dollar store pumpkins into cozy, textured decorations for fall. This simple project is sure to fill up an afternoon of fun, resulting in a barrel of beautiful gourds that will look gorgeous on your Thanksgiving table or mantel.

GET THE HOW-TO: Easy-to-Craft Yarn Pumpkins

Engage Their Inner Artist

Give the kids something to do during dinner by covering the Thanksgiving kids' table with brown craft paper and putting a small cup with crayons by each place setting. The kids can draw right on the paper throughout the meal, and you won’t need to worry about ruining any of your delicate table linens.

Learn More: Set a Turkey-Tastic Thanksgiving Kids' Table

Help Them Make Recycled Crayons

Gather broken, forgotten crayons and transform them into colorful new treasures that fit perfectly in the hands of even the smallest artists. Use the multicolor disks instead of standard crayons on the kids' table or bag them up as take-home favors for your littlest Thanksgiving guests.

Get the How-To: Kids' Craft: How to Make Recycled Crayons

Make a Square Corn Husk Wreath

Buck round-wreath tradition and mix it up this year with a square wreath made by cutting florist foam into a window-frame shape then covering the foam with raffia and mini dried corn.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Square Corn Husk Wreath

Or, Craft a Glittering Banner

Kids love glitter (really, who doesn't?) but it can be messy, making these glammed-up chipboard letters a great project for older children.

Get the How-To: Glittered Thanksgiving Banner

Turn Pantry Staples Into Play Dough

Get your little crafters' help to whip up budget-friendly, colorful dough to keep young guests occupied at the kids' table while the adults linger over coffee and dessert.

Get the How-To: DIY Fruity Play Dough

Whip Up an Easy Banner

Print our free template onto card stock, cut out the letters, then attach them to strips of burlap for a rustic banner you can display anywhere.

Decorate Cake Pops

It's not Thanksgiving without food, dessert included. Let the adults worry about which pies to bake and help the kiddos make cake pops instead. Whip up your favorite cake pop recipe, then set out an assortment of fall-themed icings and sprinkles for endless decorating fun. And if a few go missing? Well, we won't tell.

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Paint Some Pinecones

This craft is as budget-friendly as it gets. You’ll need pinecones (from your backyard!), white vinegar, acrylic paint and a paintbrush. After you’ve collected pinecones, soak them in a large bowl or bucket of warm water with 1/2 cup white vinegar. This helps kill bugs, mildew and debris. After 30 minutes, remove the pinecones from the bowl, and place them on newspaper for 1-2 hours to dry. Then, place them on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet, and bake them at 200 degrees for 1-2 hours, checking them frequently. Don’t leave the kitchen while baking, and be alert for smoke. When the pinecones fully open up and appear dry and shiny, they’re done. Take them out of the oven, and allow them to cool. When cool, paint the bottom half of each pinecone with the color of your choice (we chose trendy metallics), painting in the direction of the scales. Allow paint to dry, then use pinecones to decorate your home or give them out as pretty Thanksgiving favors.

Get to Know Your Family Tree

With so many aunts, uncles and cousins gathered together in one place, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for the kids to get to know all of their relatives. Simply have the little ones draw their trees, lay out the markers and ink and ask family members to add their names and thumbprints to the branches. By the end of the night, you'll all love seeing how your family's grown over the years.

Bake Fragrant + Fruity Potpourri

Older kiddos will love helping you slice and bake fruit for this fragrant DIY. Mixed with delicious scents like cinnamon, bay leaves and essential oils, this fresh and fruity homemade potpourri will have your home smelling like fall in just a few easy steps. You can even bag up leftovers to give as favors to Thanksgiving guests.

GET THE HOW-TO: Freshen Up Your Space With DIY Potpourri

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