A Homemade Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Add some fall color to your decor with this grapevine and clementine decorative tree.

Autumn Tree

Add some fall flair to your home with this grapevine and clementine tree.

Disassembling the wreath

You will need: grapevine wreath/painter's tape/floral wire/wire cutters/foam cone/wooden skewers/ clementines. Carefully pull apart the grapevine wreath. Retain the leaves and any curly pieces that fall off.

Soaking the vine

Soak the vine in warm water for at least two hours. Place some plates on top to keep them submerged if necessary.

Bundling up the vine

Wrap the wet vine in tight bundles and secure on opposite sides with painter's tape.

Create Bundles

When the bundles are completely dry, remove the painter's tape and form bundles of vine to fit around the cone. Secure the bundles on one side with floral wire and snip the loose ends.

Add the Bundles

Stack the bundles on the cone with the wires facing the back.

Save the Curly Bits

Gather up any curly pieces that have fallen from the wreath. Cut any extra curly pieces you can find from the unusable (too thick) parts of the grapevine.

Add the Leaves

When you have added bundles of vine to the top of the cone, carefully insert grape leaves between the vine to hide the cone.

Add the Clementines

Break long wooden skewers into three equal parts. Add clementines randomly to the cone by inserting one end of the skewer into the tree leaving about 2 inches sticking out. Add a clementine by pushing the bottom of the fruit onto the skewer.

All in the Details

Insert the curly pieces you have saved randomly for texture. Add any extra leaves to hide any of the cone that is still showing and to make the tree fuller.

Autumn Fruit Tree

Bring the colors of fall to your Thanksgiving table with this festive grapevine and clementine tree decoration.

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