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Turkey Tips You Need to Know

Take Thanksgiving turkey to the next level with these helpful tips for how to source, cook and serve a traditional holiday entrée.

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Proper Thawing

Take the confusion out of turkey thawing this year. Take the turkey out of the freezer three days prior to serving and store it in the refrigerator with the original packaging intact. Unwrap the turkey the day before preparing it and leave it uncovered inside the fridge while thawing completes. This method guarantees a crispy finish after cooking. Weight, time available and other factors could change the process so check here for more details.

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Brine It Up

This recipe helps take turkey to a whole new level of tender, juicy flavor. Brining in salt or broth helps the bird absorb moisture prior to cooking which allows for an exceptionally moist result. This method requires time to fully take effect so get started early. Get full instructions here.

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Get Grilling

Take your kitchen outdoors by roasting the holiday turkey on the grill. Prep and season the turkey then skip heating the oven. Preheat the grill to 450 and get roasting for a special smoky flavor that can't be achieved indoors. Click here for more instructions.

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The Deep Fry

Frying a turkey is one way to get a delicious result without hours of roasting time. As long as you follow safety precautions, you can fry your turkey in a little over an hour. It's important to be sure the turkey is completely thawed before introducing it to hot oil and it must remain closely supervised during cook time. The crispy and flavorful results can't be topped. Get full instructions here.

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