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15 Crafting Materials You've Never Tried

Be a Designer MacGyver: Transform everyday materials and ready-for-the-trash items into clever home decor projects.

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Creative Crafting Materials

Feeling crafty? Before you take a trip to the craft store, consider upcycling what you already have at home instead. Many common household items — from tin cans to old T-shirts — can be transformed into chic, functional home accents. Browse our gallery for 15 clever ways to craft with everyday materials. First up: light bulbs. Turn your burnt-out bulbs into tiny terrariums like Juliette Melton of The Hipster Home did here.

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Tin Cans

Before you recycle, why not upcycle? Rescue vegetable cans and coffee tins and repurpose them as colorful utensil storage bins. Dress them up with paint and washi tape, then use a "S" hook to attach to a kitchen towel bar.

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Wine Crates

Like milk crates, these sturdy boxes are surprisingly simple to transform and have a certain rustic flair. Turn the vessel for your bulk wine purchases into mobile toy boxes like Brian Patrick Flynn did here.

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Garden Tools

Bring your green thumb indoors by repurposing old garden tools as home decor. Have a leaky watering can? Turn it into a planter. Garden tools with broken handles can be repurposed, too, like this rake-turned-jewelry rack.

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