15 Organization Ideas to Make Your Playroom Adult-Friendly

Because playrooms and adults can peacefully coexist.

The kids are back in school, but the playroom floor is still littered with toys? It might be time to try some new organization tactics. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ideas for keeping the most kid-friendly room in your home adult-friendly, too.

Kitchen Containers for Small Toys

Clear Kitchen Containers Repurposed as Toy Storage

Clear Kitchen Containers Repurposed as Toy Storage

These clear kitchen containers work well as repurposed toy storage for a kids' playroom.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Keep small toys and playdough corralled in clear kitchen containers. Attach fun labels for a cutesy touch. 

Garden Stool for Balls

Wire Garden Stool Repurposed as Toy Storage

Wire Garden Stool Repurposed as Toy Storage

This wire garden stool has been cleverly repurposed as toy storage for rubber balls.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Flip a colorful garden stool upside down for a stylish place to store the ever-growing collection of balls in your playroom.

Dish Rack for Coloring Books

Wire Dish Rack Repurposed

Wire Dish Rack Repurposed

This wire dish rack has been cleverly repurposed as a coloring book holder for a kids' playroom.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Keep coloring books in one spot with a wire dish rack.

Condiment Caddy for Blocks

Condiment Holder Repurposed as Toy Storage

Condiment Holder Repurposed as Toy Storage

An ordinary condiment holder can be repurposed as kids' toy storage for wooden blocks.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Store and display colorful blocks in a condiment caddy.

Numbered Bins

Functional Storage in Transitional Playroom

Functional Storage in Transitional Playroom

Numbered bins and concealed storage make for a functional corner in this transitional playroom. A ladder helps young users reach items on the upper shelves.

Photo by: Kristen Forgione

Kristen Forgione

If you don’t want clear storage bins but tend to be forgetful, opt for numbered storage bins. Create a system to keep yourself organized and make toy cleanup a breeze.

Big Baskets

Wicker Basket Repurposed as Toy Storage

Wicker Basket Repurposed as Toy Storage

Wicker basket are a great way to hide toys and still add classy design to a space. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes making the baskets perfect to hide any bulking animals, toys, or blankets when not in use.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Large baskets are a great way to store (and hide) stuffed animals and toys alike.

Dress-Up Clothes Rack

Little Girl's Playroom With Stage and Dress-Up Area

Little Girl's Playroom With Stage and Dress-Up Area

A curtained stage, microphone and dress-up area make this playroom any little girl's dream.

Do you have a dress-up diva on your hands? Create a small hanging rack just for dress-up clothes. Not only is it functional, but it’s pretty adorable, too!

Wood Storage Bins

Contemporary Playroom With Mod White Chairs and Wooden Storage Bins

Contemporary Playroom With Mod White Chairs and Wooden Storage Bins

Modern white chairs bring some smooth curves to the edges and corners in this playroom. A white table provides a workspace and can conceal storage beneath. Wooden storage bins bring a beautiful, rich color to the room and allow for easy pick up. A neutral graphic rug meshes with the wood, white and neutral wall color.

Photo by: Cherie Cordellos Photography

Cherie Cordellos Photography

Sleek wood storage bins slide under this modern play table, but they would work well lined against a wall, too. 

Window Seats

Clean, Modern Playroom Offers Colorful Bench Seating

Clean, Modern Playroom Offers Colorful Bench Seating

A white bench with colorful cushions wraps around the windowed wall in this spacious playroom. The cheery cushions pair with a dyed rug to bring bright, kid-friendly color to the clean, modern space.

Photo by: D2 Interieurs

D2 Interieurs

Take advantage of windows in your space with window seats, which can serve double duty as seating and hidden storage (score!).

Lego Storage

Basement Playroom Wall-to-Wall Lego Storage With Desk

Basement Playroom Wall-to-Wall Lego Storage With Desk

This spacious basement playroom features built-in shelving with pullout containers fit for organizing small pieces. The wall-to-wall storage unit includes a built-in desk, providing the perfect spot for piecing together complicated Lego designs.

Photo by: John G. Wilbanks Photography

John G. Wilbanks Photography

If your playroom has been overtaken with tiny toys, an organization system like this one might be just what you need — and your little Lego lover’s dream come true.

Ladder for Toy Storage



Combine form and function by storing toys on a ladder that coordinates with your design scheme. A leaning ladder serves the same purpose as a shelf but adds an element of interest to your room.

Floating Bookshelves



Floating bookshelves are the perfect option if you’re short on space in your playroom. These three white shelves create an instant reading nook without occupying any floor space.

Desk Storage

Child's Playroom Art Desk with Frame Patterned Wallpaper

Child's Playroom Art Desk with Frame Patterned Wallpaper

This modern kids' playroom features frame-patterned wallpaper and an art desk with a pair of apple green chairs. The top of the desk slides forward to provide extra storage while allowing for plenty of space to draw, paint or read.

At your art station, opt for a desk with maximum storage space.


Multicolored Playroom Cubbies

Multicolored Playroom Cubbies

Built across two walls in the playroom, multicolored cubbies boast plenty of storage for games, toys and stuffed animals.

Photo by: Eisner Design

Eisner Design

Probably the most common type of playroom organization system, cubbies represent functionality at its finest. But this playroom shows that they can be totally trendy, too — clean lines and happy colors, FTW!

Built-Ins + Bins

Rustic Playroom Features Baseball Theme

Rustic Playroom Features Baseball Theme

Whitewashed cabinets, hardwood finishes and distressed accessories keep the rustic atmosphere in this baseball-themed playroom.

Photo by: Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

If you’re working with built-ins, take full advantage of every square inch by filling empty shelves with storage bins. Make sure you buy bins that coordinate with the look of your cabinets. Here, rustic bins blend beautifully with the weathered wood cabinetry.

18 Clever Ways to Conquer Kid and Pet Clutter

See All Photos
Try these smart solutions for storing backpacks, sports gear, leashes, bowls and other supplies that come with having pets and kids.

Doggie Daycare

No need for a trip to the kennel. Constructed by Washington, D.C.-based Four Brothers Carpentry, this built-in dog kennel and spa is located in a spacious mudroom that includes the family’s laundry facilities. Two comfy cages hold large dogs. A bottom drawer reveals a hide-a-way bed for a tiny pooch.

Bone Appetit

Dogs can dine in style with built-in dog bowls at the base of a kitchen island designed by Artisan Kitchens Inc. in Osterville, Mass. Drawers with dog bone cutouts conceal pet food and treats. 

Vintage Storage

Turn floor clutter into wall art with this vintage-style storage system from Restoration Hardware’s RH baby & child. Keep books, homework, pens and pencils off the floor and in this industrial wall-mounted storage solution. 

Wired Wall

Display books, knickknacks and other small items on this wired wheel from Restoration Hardware’s RH baby & child. Mount three horizontally or vertically for a dramatic, yet functional storage solution. 

Welcomed Wagon

Make clean-up fun with this adorable retro wagon from Restoration Hardware’s RH baby & child. With classic details like wood railings and cast-iron wheels, this wagon can roll along with your child as they tidy up the room. Park it and it’s decor. 

Dine-In Storage

Kids gravitate to the kitchen whether it’s dinnertime or not. Northern Virginia-based AV Architects and Builders designed built-in storage under the window seat and beneath coat and hat hangers.

The Family Tree

This wooden tree is part wall art and part family coat rack. Designed by Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design and fabricated by Boma Design of Santa Barbara, the tree provides an artisanal place to hang your hat.

Whimsical Detail

An owl-shaped hook adds a playful touch to this family-friendly coat rack.

Canine Clean Zone

Cleaning your dog is easier with a floor-level pet shower. The large opening takes the hassle out of luring rover into the shower. Splash-friendly flooring also make this an ideal area to clean pet dishes and toys.

Pre-School Cubbies

Manage the mad morning rush and simplify getting off to school with a storage area that keeps books, bags and outerwear neatly arranged near the door. This type of organized storage is perfect for busy families.

Players Pantry

Not enough party ware to fill your oversized pantry? Consider using that extra space to organize sports gear. Gloves, shoes and caps fit neatly in this corner area of the pantry created by New Jersey based Cory Connor Designs.

Ball Baskets

Plastic baskets, pullout cages and wired bins offer affordable and practical storage for winter caps, baseballs, footballs, gloves and other sports gear.

Laundry Room/Pet Center

Laundry rooms make good spaces for pet centers. The floors are easy to clean, a water source is nearby and most mudrooms or laundry areas are located near an exit. Tour this swanky pet area from HGTV Smart Home 2014.

Photo By: Eric Perry © 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Pet Feeding Station

Transform old crates, boxes, stools or other wooden materials into a feeding station for Fido. Use a jigsaw to cut holes the size of your pet’s bowls. Get step-by-step instructions for building this pet feeding station.

Catch-All Closet

Free up garage space for your car and create a catchall closet in the house. Use any hall closet, empty pantry or old computer armoire to mount wall shelves and hang hooks. Store pet food and accessories, cleaning supplies and a large container to “catch all.” Then, shut the door on clutter.

Photo By: Lowe’s

Book Tree

Lowe's provides an easy-to-follow pattern for this DIY book tree. Customize to fit any child’s bedroom or playroom. Place small books and soft toys on limbs. Hang night cloths on pegs. Get step-by-step instructions for building this DIY bookshelf tree from Lowe's.

Photo By: Lowe’s

Window Seat Pet Bed

A cozy window seat with a pet bed below allows your furry friend to curl up near you as you take a break. It also keeps your pet’s sleeping quarters out of house traffic. Get step-by-step instructions for building this window seat pet bed.

Hanging It Up

Machine washable woven fabric baskets can be mounted and on the wall or hung on hooks. Place attached loop over a doorknob for extra storage in bathrooms. 

Photo By: IKEA

Bedside Manner

Here's a simple multi-pocket solution for kids who like to take smartphone, computer tablet, book or favorite play toy to bed. Hung on the side of the bed, it provides a safe place for small electronics.

  1. green photos

Photo By: IKEA

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