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Ben + Erin 4 Ever!
Our Favorite Pics from 'Home Town' Season 1

Erin and Ben Napier captivated viewers in the inaugural season of their series Home Town and, what's more, are arguably one of HGTV's most romantically photogenic couples. To that end, we bring you a celebration in photos — Ben and Erin in portraits, candids, behind-the-scenes and just hanging out around their beloved hometown. Some of these are never before seen, and we bring them all to you with limited captioning interruption. Enjoy.

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Home Town Heroes

Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV's Home Town

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Photo: 172173005945

Flowers and Frills

And pretty as a picture.

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Photo: Jacques Cornell

Our Town

Erin and Ben in downtown Laurel

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Just Kickin' Around Downtown

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