Outdoor Spaces Brought to Life on 'Hidden Potential'

Jasmine Roth turns unwelcoming front yards into beautiful, functional spaces her homeowners can actually use. The block party begins now.

Green Dream

What good is an expansive lawn if you never sink your toes into it? Jasmine chopped back an unwieldy eave and bordered the yard with a crisp white fence to give her clients an outdoor living room and plenty of space for little ones to play safely.

Sunny Sitting Area

Now this is an entertaining space. Jasmine surrounded a sturdy outdoor coffee table and plush area rug with handsome rattan chairs, outdoor poufs and one of her favorite details — an outdoor swing.

Coastal Charmer

Jasmine gave her clients room to breathe by removing the overgrown tree that had smothered this home. A custom privacy screen, in turn, gives her clients a way to create an intimate outdoor space that folds back when they’re ready for company.

A Space for All Seasons

When this pair of French doors is thrown open, this outdoor dining room flows smoothly into the living space inside. Colorful and more understated new landscaping gives the space a cheery, tropical feel that doesn’t tip over into "Welcome to the Jungle" territory.

A Pop of Personality

You can’t help but smile (or jump for joy) at the sight of this custom installation. Jasmine knows that a well-designed home should make you feel welcome long before you step through the front door.

Weekend HQ

While many of Jasmine’s projects lack formal porches, she’s able to create defined patio spaces with canopies and landscaping. This cozy daybed is the perfect place to curl up for an afternoon nap—and to clink glasses at sunset.

Curb Appeal

Jasmine used copper caps and delicate vines to give this fresh new fence a one-of-a-kind look. The simple structure she built for the front patio creates outdoor shade and allows light to spill through all of this sweet little bungalow’s front windows.

Personal Paradise

Turning a nothing-special lawn into a gathering spot doesn’t have to cost a fortune: Jasmine simply added a quartet of turquoise Adirondack chairs and tamed the once-unruly palms in front of the house.

Picture-Perfect Patio

Jasmine’s young clients wanted a bright, eclectic space that gave their personalities room to shine. She chose a deep blue exterior paint as the backdrop for a playful arrangement of outdoor furniture and a tangerine-dream front door.

Sweet Salute

Jasmine knows the antidote to the suburban blahs is making each home a reflection of its family both inside and out. This corner lot is the perfect spot for a flag pole where her clients can fly their colors high.

Less Is More

A huge, ill-advised white shade structure made this home look more like an office building than a young family’s home. Jasmine swapped those dinosaur bones out for three minimalist beams that will soon bear sweet-smelling vines.

Public Art

Jasmine’s clients live at the end of a cul-de-sac, and the massive blank wall beside their home was crying out for embellishment. She hired a local artist to create a showstopping mural that reflects their Hawaiian heritage.

Sitting Pretty

This polished space is proof that outdoor living can happen just about anywhere: While the space before this home’s driveway is narrow, it provides plenty of room for rocking chairs and occasional tables that echo its crisp white trim.

Book-Club Beginning

Little free libraries are making their way to the suburbs via Jasmine Roth: This sweet little hutch gives her clients and neighbors a place to share beloved reads and find new favorites.

Outdoor Atelier

A grim concrete wall once divided this home from the rest of the block. Jasmine brought it crashing down and installed an elegant, midcentury-inspired fence and bright blooms in its place.

Best Seats on the Block

This stylish sofa and chairs world work just as well in a family room as they do on the patio — or nearly as well, we should say, since they get to enjoy full sun and a coastal breeze out here.

Life's a Beach

Jasmine knows a proper coastal play space needs sun and sand, and she created a one-of-a-kind sandbox for building castles in the middle of the yard.

Country Charm

Shabby chic comes to southern California on this elegant porch, where white wicker chairs and a well-weathered chest are the ideal setting for enjoying a cup of tea.

A Place in the Sun

By nixing a space-gobbling chimney and giving this home a broad glass face with sliding glass doors, Jasmine’s created a breezy home that’s a true tribute to the Golden State.

Open-Air Den

Jasmine loaded this patio with greenery and layer upon layer of soft, cozy textures. We wouldn’t be surprised if her clients decided to celebrate their new space by camping out in the front yard.

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