Our Favorite Fixer Upper Storage Solutions

Joanna Gaines: the queen of shiplap and ultra-stylish storage.

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November 14, 2018

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo Agency

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo A

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo A

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo A

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo Agency

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo A

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Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo Agency

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

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Firewood Storage

Fashion meets function to create the ultimate focal piece in this modern-yet-cozy Fixer Upper design. The polished living room features a chic cement fireplace, flanked by floor-to-ceiling firewood storage.

Pegs for Purses

Can we collectively agree that all foyers/mudrooms should feature a fireplace from this point forward? Joanna created this ultra-cozy catch-all space by adding simple wooden pegs to the wall for coats and scarves - and a beautiful built-in below for lacing up winter boots before heading out the door.

Shabby Chic

This rustic, wooden shelving unit creates unique storage for rainbow-hued children’s books in this casual playroom. Bonus: The aged wood adds warmth and personality to the otherwise simple, soft white space.

Sleek Suspended Shelving

The Gaineses take stylish storage to new heights with this striking kitchen feature. The suspended shelves help visually define the kitchen space while providing loads of additional storage overheard.

Serving Board Storage

A rustic, floating wood shelf above the stove serves as a stylish spot to store serving trays and charcuterie boards. We’re big fans of this storage spot because it offers easy access for entertaining while doubling as homey decor when not in use.

Wicker Wood Basket

Turns out you don’t need to break the bank with pricey, floor-to-ceiling built-ins to create stylish firewood storage. Take note from Joanna and display your firewood in a simple wicker basket by your hearth.

Statement Piece With a Story

Recreate the major wow-factor of this shabby cabinet by hunting down an antique piece of your own. Pro tip: Before hitting the estate sales and thrift stores, be sure to consider your storage needs and then tailor your search based on that. This ensures you’re investing in a piece that will serve your space, and family, well.

Hidden Bed

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better storage solution than this one, friends! Joanna worked her magic in this design by including a hidden Murphy bed in a built-in unit along the wall. The space functions as a family room by day and by night, it serves as a cool, cozy spot for guests to catch some z's.

Shower Storage Caddies

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. We’re smitten with these wire storage caddies, featured alongside crisp subway tile in this remodeled master bathroom.

Space-Saving Shelving

Most of the time, home offices are small on space and big on clutter. Not exactly a conducive work environment, right? Chip and Jo eliminate the risk of clutter and chaos by building floor-to-ceiling shelves in this contemporary home office. The structure features varied cubby sizes throughout to serve objects of all shapes and sizes and add visual interest to the space.

Wood-Fired Feasting

Bad news: Wood-fired pizza is difficult - nay, impossible - to make without having firewood on hand. The good news, here? Adding a built-in firewood storage to your kitchen means never going without wood-fired pizza. Ever again.

Picture-Perfect Pantry

It’s official, friends. We’ve never wanted to stock up on 26 glass jars and 26 miscellaneous spices as much as we do right now, looking at this insane butler’s pantry. The identical glass canisters perch atop open shelving to create a cohesive and orderly appearance in a typically cluttered spot.

Work, Play + Sleep

This boy’s room features a built-in loft that serves as the ultimate spot for snoozing and studying. Beneath the bunk bed, Joanna created a floating desk that is flanked by custom bookshelves and storage nooks on each side.

Secret Shelves

This kitchen features stove-framing shelving that keeps top-secret family recipes under wrap. We’re enamored with how the hidden shelves keep countertops clutter-free and coveted cookbooks out of sight.

Low Cost, High Style

This bright-white floating shelf serves as a wallet-friendly storage solution in this cool, midcentury modern bathroom. Stacked snowy towels, a vibrant potted plant and handsome glass soap dispensers create a polished look.

Fridge-Top Baskets

Keep all the miscellaneous "stuff" that accumulates atop your fridge in order with a couple of wicker baskets. Will you still have random cereal boxes and pitchers on top of your fridge? Totally. But with said baskets, you won’t have to face the eyesores every day while snooping for snacks.

Mounted Wall Storage

Chic and simple, just how we like it. Joanna used a pair of inky metal shelves to create a stylish and sensible wall storage for this rustic home office.

Cozy Blanket Ladder

If Fixer Upper has taught us anything, it’s that blanket ladders are always a great idea. Any room, any design style, any budget — blanket ladders are your best friend.

Fashion Meets Function

Joanna paired a vibrant teal paint with diamond, geometric wallpaper to bring this built-in locker unit to life. The head-turning hue adds a bold, whimsical touch to the overall design, while the locker itself adds loads of function and structure to the family’s everyday life.

Leaning Ladder

If you’re a big fan of blanket ladders, you’re bound to love a good toilet tower, too. This leaning ladder shelf creates storage for washcloths, toiletry essentials and even a small, lush potted plant.

Hanging Herbs

Cluttered kitchen windowsills are a thing of the past, thanks to this pretty potted herb display. The wall-mounted fixture allows fresh herbs to soak up the sun, and adds loads of warmth to white walls with terra cotta pots and pops of green.

Contemporary Black Shelves

A contemporary gray kitchen gains some much-needed storage from these sleek, black floating shelves. The shelves' paper-thin design is in keeping with the clean, modern appeal of the space.

Mounted Toy Basket

Clean up will be a total breeze in this beautiful baby blue nursery. The space features a basket for blankets and toss pillows and wall-mounted wire baskets for soft stuffed animals.

Coffee Corner

The Gaines duo transformed this casual dining space into a family coffee bar - a place for family and friends to gather for eating and entertaining. Chalkboard paint on the wall creates a café-like atmosphere, while the floating wood shelves showcase coffee mugs, cake stands, canisters, galore.

Classic + Clean Appeal

Foolproof way for your space to feel more put together? Cohesive, clear and classic canisters.

Built to Last

Built-in cabinets provide plenty of space for storing and organizing tools and craft supplies in this craft room, while also providing the kids with their own space. We’re especially inspired by the way this space can easily grow alongside the kiddos and be used as a study space during their teen years.

Trunk of Treasures

Hide your throw-hoarding problem in a handsome, wooden trunk that doubles as a cool coffee table, and no one will ever know. Your secret is safe with us!

Countertop Essentials

Keep all your countertop essentials together in one space with a cute wicker or wire basket. Not only does this free your space from visual clutter, but it allows you to easily move your things off the counter if you need some extra room.

Vertical Plate Storage

Chip and Jo chose to spruce up these kitchen cabinets by adding vertical storage for plates. The unique detail adds both visual interest and convenience to the space.

Easy Access

Joanna suggests taking a room that's simple and utilitarian, like a pantry or the laundry room seen here, and looking for ways to make it more fun and inviting. Vintage-style wire basket cubbies create cohesive storage for dog toys and clean wash cloths, while a trio of canisters keep cleaning essentials within reach.

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