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Fixer Upper: Blending Styles in an 1880's Farm House

Chip and Joanna help a couple who have lived for years in Pakistan transform a vintage farmhouse outside Waco that they purchased sight unseen. In a novel melding of design styles, the update integrates both Scandinavian and Moroccan influences.

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Long Distance Winners

"This is a first for the Gaines family," said Chip. "We have a client flying in, on the day of this reveal, from Pakistan." Chip and Joanna restored this vintage farm house, in the countryside just outside Waco, for a couple who had been living abroad for 17 years.

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This roomy farm house was built in the 1880s and came with four bedrooms, three baths and 3000 square feet. It featured a wraparound front porch with columns and vintage front door with leaded glass. The front stairs and porch, however, suffered from wood rot, and the front-door placement was off-center.

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Photo: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo Agency. From: Fixer Upper.


The exterior gets a fresh coat of white paint, new landscaping and skirt made using antique brick. The stairs and porch are repaired, new windows added and the front door is now properly centered. 

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Photo: Jennifer Boomer/Verbatim Photo Agency

Meet the Homeowners

Charles and Brooke Ramsey had been living and working in Pakistan, having been in south Asia for 17 years. Both are Baylor grads and were eager to get back to Waco and lead a settle life with their family. "It's just a really exciting time for us," said Brooke. "We feel like our kids are getting older, and our parents are getting older, and it's time to head back and rediscover our roots."

Their total budget was $355,000 so, after purchasing the farmhouse for $155,000, were left with a renovation budget of around $200,000. In terms of design preferences, the Ramseys wanted to retain the natural farmhouse feel, but also hoped to incorporate touches of two distinct styles they were both partial to — Moroccan and Scandinavian.

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